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It's been half a year now, that I had to say good-bye.......


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I miss you guys !!

.......the grand-dame of Dachsiedom. :iloveyou:

.......the sweetest and bravest guy I've ever known. :iloveyou:


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Awww our losses hurt so much it never leaves us, please try to enjoy the memories the funny times etc,,
All my lost ones seem to have songs that are theirs only, as the years go on i cry at so many songs the theme from titanic is my tosh, yes my heart will go on .....
i know how you feel my love is sent to you.
no matter how much we loved them we must let them go, they were sent here to us for a reason,
they enriched our lives they gave us something we needed.
CHERISH YOU MEMORIES, the pain never goes..... but it eases
Big hugs to you

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