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50/50 agility day


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Candy had a very nice run in standard, we were clean and well under course time. We got the blue ribbon for that one.
Our jumpers run was going SOOOO well. Really nice and we were moving at a good pace. We came within a toe? a toenail? of Q'ing. Next to the last jump, she dropped a bar. Boogers! Candy very rarely drops a bar, I am wondering if I dropped my arm or even just a shoulder or who knows. Just one of those things. No matter, I told her how wonderful she is nonetheless. Her time was really great, well under course time. It was cool and cloudy, she likes that!
We are going to try Excellent standard next weekend while we continue to try and get that last Open jumpers leg.
I took all the dogs with me, each got to walk about and do the meet and greet. Jesse, the big ole love sponge, got hugs and was sneaked a cookie by one gal.
After the trial, I took all 3 to the field in the back and let them run around a bit and play before heading home.
They got fish in their dinners, I treated myself to pizza. 8)

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Oh yeah, I relented and bought some photos taken at the trials. I should have them in a week or so, will get them scanned onto my website. Some can actually be seen already at

Just click next to see a couple more. That IS my sexy outfit of the day 8) , and I do feel a bit guilty seeing how miserable Candy looks coming off of that Aframe.

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