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Titan Bulldogges

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[quote name='K'][quote]Also, I never said I would find a dog without health problems. Every dog regardless of breed or lineage will eventually have some type of health problem. What I am trying to avoid is the almost guaranteed problems that arise in English Bulldogs. [/quote]

Oh now hold your foot up a minute there girl...what exactly are you trying to imply?[/quote]

I'm not trying to imply anything. I was however saying that a lot of english bulldogs are prone (and you can almost guarantee that you're not going to be lucky enough to get the exception) to losts of health problems. For example, a lot of english bulldog lovers want solid white bulldogs, they don't realize that they are considered albino and have a lot of problems. A good friend of mine has spent over $40,000 on their solid white english bulldog's health issues. That doesn't include all the other things they've spent money on because of the dog (for example hardwood floors.) Like many dogs buford, their bulldog has severe allergies, even to grass and is constantly taking steroids. If this was the only problem it wouldn't be a big deal. It's when you add it to everything else that you start having problems. Luckily, Buford is a member of their family and they can afford to give him anything he needs. I eventually want an english bulldog as well. In the mean time however I AM DOING MY RESEARCH and LOOKING INTO a dog that I am intrested in. I AM NOT implying anything though. I stated everything I had to say very clearly.

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JessieM05, did you look at the links Mutts4Me posted? Or Gooeydog's post? They were really helpful.

Even if English Bulldogs had so many health problems, the cure to this [i]isn't to breed hybrids and sell them off as new breeds.[/i] These breeders are breeding them for so much money, its impossible to believe their intentions really are that good. Mixing the English Bulldog with another breed will NOT give you a healthier dog, all those excuses about longer snouts and all that BS (again, here Gooeydog's post comes into play).. its the exact same story with Labradoodles and Puggles and all that other shit.

Believe me, these breeders intentions are to get as much money off people. A TRUE English Bulldog lover wouldn't do this to the breed, I wouldn't think so, anyway.

Anyway, hope I could clear things up a bit! :)

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Yes, I have been to all those links that Mutts4Me posted. I too agree that there are a lot of bully breeds being made right now. And I totally agree with the fact that there are some very corrupt breeders out there. I have come in contact with a few of them personally when looking for my last dog. THAT IS WHY I AM STILL WRITING ON HERE AND THAT IS WHY I HAVE NOT JUST GONE OUT AND BOUGHT THE DOG I WANT. I am DOING MY RESEARCH and finding out the information that is important. I also understand that it takes longer than 10 years to really make and establish a good breed. The breed I am looking into is not done. The creator, Nino, doesn't jsut offer them to anyone. The few people who know about the dog and that are intrested have to prove to him that they would give the dog a good home and they have to be willing to help in the continued development of the breed. He is not done with his research and would not tell you that he has created a perfect breed. He is not ready to commercialze them and make them mainstream. However I think people fail to realize that amongst the many corrupt breeders there are a few good guys who love their animals and want to make a positive impact on the dog world. A breeder and his team who are creating a breed cannot possibly keep all the dogs that they breed and work with on their properties for the many years it takes to get this kind of thing right. They need to find good people to provide good homes for the dogs while they continue to do their research and improve their breed.
I understand that it will take time to finsh what he has started and that no dog will be perfect health wise. I also do not believe that you could ever have a bully breed that is even close to perfect with these issues. Because of the characteristics they have they will always be prone to certain problems. I do however believe that over time it is possible to weed out some of the issues and I am intrested in being a part of this. I am intrested in owning one of the dogs at the point they are at now. I do want to be careful though and not end up on the wrong end of a bad deal. I understand that it will be difficult but what I am trying to prove to all of you is that I am in it for the long haul and I will be sure of what I am doing before I do it.

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K - That's wonderful that both of your dogs are healthy. I truly hope they both stay that way. I'm not saying that there aren't exceptions. English Bulldogs are great dogs and I plan on having one or two eventually. But, are you honestly trying to tell me that as a breed they aren't known for their health problems? I mean don't get me wrong, like I said I love the dogs and they are probably the prettiest dogs I have ever seen (although a lot of people would disagree with me on that.) I wish I could get one now...then I wouldn't even be considering a Titan Bulldogge. Unfourtunately, that just isn't possible for me right now. Like I said though, I mean no offense on your two perfect bulldogs I only hope I can be so lucky. There is however no reason to make smart comments and try to put words in my mouth. It is really uncalled for.

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K- you don't know me and you need to get off your high horse and stop criticizing me.

For those that have told me to "watch myself" you are immature and ridiculous. I had trouble with most of you from the start and should have learned my lesson then. Now I have and I won't continue to wate my time trying to prove myself or my love of dogs to you. the majority of you are rude and not worth the time.

For those that have been friendly and offered help...thank you for everything and for not judging me or acting like you know me jsut from some board.

I hope the rest of you grow up someday soon.

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