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allergy shots


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does anyone here give your dog shots? gaia has started allergy shots and she is not too pleased about it. they are subcutaneous shots so it's not like they hurt that much (as opposed to a shot in muscle) just a slight pinch and we're done.

she did really well for the first few but then hunny gave her the second few and now forget it. we try to give them in her shoulder/neck area cause her back end is nothing but muscle and we can't get a skin fold. i need some tips or tricks. we have tried distracting her with food but she moves around too much. we are now trying to get her to sit-stay at the door for a r-i-d-e and give the shot before the ride so shot = ride but the novelty has worn off.

it took me 3 long years to get this dog to a place where i can clip her nails without a major fight. right now she is supposed to get shots every other day so it has become quite a hassle. any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Can you smear peanut butter on the fridge? Or spray canned cheese?

I did shots for our cat (luckily, he's doing wonderful now and doesn't ned them anymore). But Ace was a little easier to handle, I imagine.

One thing I did find out was that he HATED the shots directly from the fridge. I'm assuming you keep the vials refridgerated, right?

Well, when I would draw them up and give them to him right out of the fridge, he would hiss and spit at me. Then, I started to let them sit for about 45 minutes and he was fine. I just don't think he liked them cold at all.

That might be an issue as well....... Have you ever had your veins flushed after giving blood? It's not pleasant because it's COLD!! LOL

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that's a good point about the cold OG! i have been working with the needle and cc&d. i have one syringe that i have unwrapped so we can use it to practice (with cover on of course) just touching her and then treats when she does not react. she is very wise to the syringe so i try to draw it up while she is eating so she doesn't see.

someone else suggested a ritz cracker with pb in the roof of her mouth but since we have to give her the shot around her neck it's hard if the head is bobbing around with food.

i will say yesterday that i was able to give it to her by myself! she was a bit stubborn (once she decides she doesn't want something she will try everything to deter you) and she did stink face for a second but i got her to sit-wait for a piece of hamburger i put in front of her. in and out no problem so hopefully that will be a way i can get her to think about soemthing else.

thanks again OG for your suggestions!

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