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Are these Agility folks good?!


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Hey DO and everyone in agility, please help!

Do these guys look OK?


They are only 10 miles from us and I really want to try this with Buddy but wanted to run it by y'all at first.

I have seen these clickers in the pet store but no idea if/how/when to use.

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Thanx guys. The next available class atour out level is not till July 29 so any insight till then I would appreciate!

(edited to add about Buddy)

He is an extremely high "pack" drive dog if following the CGC book evaluation. Not sure if he would be motivated by treats or not. He will not chase or retreive anything. Just a love machine :P

We haev a coulpe of jokes here about Bud doing agility. One is that he will get stuck in the tube because of fat. Two is he will be the "shark" and we can win miney because he looks so slow yet he really is fast!

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It looks to be a pretty good school. It doesn't however say that the dog school is registered with any societies or approved, but I am not sure if that works the same way as it does in the UK, with registered dog clubs having more open opportunities for eligibility to enter agility teams etc.

I think clicker training is a matter of preference for agility. Personally I don't like it. I think its too fumbly and timing is hard to get right. I prefer to use my voice because in a competition my voice will be there and a clicker won't be, so I use the tools that I will have in a real life situation. I don't agree with them not teaching heelwork. Yes, a dog must learn to work on both sides but the way i train that is to do heelwork on both sides. You build it up in baby steps then you start to get the dog to work away from you. Doing fast close heelwork with Meg has saved my skin more times than enough in agility comps when there are tight pull through's!

The prices seem very reasonable as well so I would encourage you to go along and watch then see what you think. The best way to tell is by observing 1 or 2 sessions to get a feel for how the instructors really do manage the class.

Just be warned... its VERY addictive! Have fun! :D

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