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He won't let me groom him!

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I don't know Caeser's background before we got him, because we adopted him from the pound, but he refuses to allow me to groom him! :(

When I brush him, I give him treat after treat after treat. He still bites the brush, and hates being brushed.

At the U-Wash-Doggie, he got aggresive and niped, showed his teeth, and got furious. He never acts like that when we aren't grooming him.

What's going on? How can I teach him that being groomed won't harm him? :cry:

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[color=darkred]It seems Caeser has never seen a brush before if this is the way he is acting.....How old is he ?
Try talking while brushing him really gently.........trying not to allow him feel the bristles along his skin.....do it in tiny strokes and keep saying GOOD BOY to him so he knows it's ok to be brushed.
One of my dogs is 15 years old now and i find it difficult trying to brush him especially his face, but if you give Caeser time he should start to get used to and enjoy it more :)

Good Luck![/color]

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Not sure if it's a possibility for you, but I find at my work, if you can work on a dog high up like on a table, they behave much better. Some dogs I can work on the floor with no problem, but some are awful, so I'll put them on the table and there's a big improvement in their behavior. Maybe if you have a large sturdy table, or one of those big rubber-made bins you could try putting him on?

just an idea

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