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Springers and agility????


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Hi! I've got a question for all springer owners and lovers. :D
I've heared that springers are not the best choice for agility becouse they're quite heavy dogs and it could have a bad influence on their joints. It's kinda odd couse I thought springers were ment for jumping, running etc. :roll:
My cavalier K.Ch.Spaniel is also heavily built but she does great with no joint or bone problems. There're meny heavy dogs in our agility club (including a rodesian ridgeback who looks more like a horse than a dog) and they've never had any joint injuries. If I provide my future springer with proper joint protection would it be safe for her to do all that jumping? I wouldn't like to do her any harm. :D

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Thanks for all your replies :biggrina:
[b]ESSlover[/b] I don"t own a springer yet :( . Probably I'll have to wait
a couple of years for my dream to come true. I live in the suberbs of Warsaw but in an apartment and it wouldn"t be fair to keep a springer in a flat :-? (Although we have a beautiful park and a forest nereby where dogs can run off-leash)
I'm obsessed with spaniels and I decided that my next dog would be a springer and there're no doubts about it :D Where there's a will there's a way :D
I bet Carson will do just fine ;) Keeping my fingers crossed.
[b]Doberfanatic[/b] We once had a dachshund in our agility club and she was a bundle of energy :D It was hard to keep up with her. She was 11 y.o when she retired (due to spine problems). Welsh springers are more or less the same structure as english springers but I' ve noticed they're more athletic and of lighter frame.
I don't think a border collie would suit me. They're too hyperactive and need to be mentaly occupied all the time. I' dont think I could handle a border :roll:
You're right I shouldn't be bothered what others say. Once people said that my Tajga wouldn't handle all that jumping not to mention earning titles. Now Tajga is a get-up-and-go agility dog. :angel:
:biggrina: :biggrina:

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