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An article on a dangerous dog.

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Sharpei girl..I agree with you completely...since when did we start eating dogs..I know that exists in some countries..maybe that's just where our guest is from :-? :evil:

Besides that? I agree with some of the people that said if a person sticks their hand down a dog's throat, they deserve whatever's coming to them. Unfortunately, most dogs end up getting put to sleep or given up to pounds because some stupid child or adult provoked the dog over and over again to do something like this.

Or if someone's using a rolling pin? You're just basically teaching the dog to become defensive and aggressive in order to protect itself out of fear. Its like using a bull hook on elephants at the circus and not expecting them to trample the audience one day. Poor elephants..that's another story :(

First of all, people who have children should think it over 928349243 times before deciding to get a dog. A dog is not a baby sitter, a dog is not a toy, and a dog is not a mat you can toss around and step on whenever you feel like it. Parents need to teach their children how to treat animals!!!! Dogs and children should always be supervised, and I know alot of dogs that simply DO NOT feel comfortable around children and will become intimidated by their loudness and obnoxious attitudes. A dog is just LIKE BRINGING another child into the home and it deserves as much love, care and respect.

Guest..I don't know what your stance on animal rights in society is, but you basically just admitted that you want a ban on German Sheps by saying "Oh yeah lets not care about the children and NOT ban the dogs." <--- something very similar..I'm not quoting you exactly..but I know you mentioned BANNING in a negative way...I can check again if you want :-?

Anywho, if you see articles like that, maybe you should assess them first instead of jumping in here and trying to prove that you found some good quality information on the net, when these people cannot even spell PIT BULL properly.

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