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We have a puppy dog??????


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Well by now you all know I have a pup naned JD,well we also have a cat called EVE. now eve being a cat comes in by the open window as cats do.She also gose out by the open window.Now this is were JD comes in to the story.SHE sat out side and watched eve come in for her dinner,so as i'm just sitting at the pc reading the posts on here I noticed that JD decided to come in ,well the back door was wide open but oh know she couldnt come in like that.She decided if the cat can come in by the window so could she,and guess what yes you got it JD came in by the window. :o :o :roll: :roll: :oops: so now we have to be so carefull because she wont use the back door if she can help it she just keeps trying the window. I keep telling her she's a DOG NOT A CAT. :D :) :wink: IT's a case of what the cat can do JD can do better. :P :D :D :wink:

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