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CH and Obedience


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I plan on showing my puppy (3months) when she's older, and IF I think she is show quality. Hard to tell because she's a puppy right now. What should I know about shows and earning the obedience title?

Can any of you suggest a helpful book/site (preferabley book) about either of the two? I'm really new to this and I've never been to a show before... The breeder that I got puppy from said I could go when she takes her champ out again. But that hasn't even happened yet... She's having it pretty hard right now though.

I know heal and stay is almost a necessity in Showing, as is non-agressiveness. But what 'obedience' looks for, I have no idea.

Any help is appreciated!

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Do you hope to show her in both the breed/conformation ring and obedience?
If you want to show her in breed, I have heard that many will concentrate on that first, especially with a young dog. I've never shown a dog in breed so I will admit all I know I have heard from other sources. Is there a local kennel club anywhere near you? Sometimes they will have classes or clinics on how to show your dog. They'll help you learn how to gait her, stack her so she looks her best etc. You'll find out what kind of show collar to use as well as lead.
If there is not one, is her breeder fairly local? Perhaps you could visit the breeder for some instruction.
My personal opinion is if you want to show in breed, do just the basics of obedience for now. You of course want her to walk nicely on a lead but not necessarily in perfect heel position. If you drill that into her now, she might not be as 'showy' for you in the breed ring.
If of course you are only interesting in obedience, then you can focus more on those exercises. Again if there is a local club that holds classes, they can be a great resource. Puppy class would be perfect.
Hopefully someone with show experience can also reply and give you more info.

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