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Cross post....Dogs stolen in LA

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Dear Friends/Rescuers,

It is with an extremely sad heart that I am begging you all to
cross post this e-mail to every dog lover you know!!! A very dear
friend of mine and dear friend to many of you has had his entire life
stolen from him tonight. At approximately 11:40pm I received a phone
call from Eddie Garman (Arrowsmith K-9 Academy). His brand new grey
Isuzu Trooper (with temporary plates still) was stolen with his
entire business inside it, but most importantly, his 2 boys were in
the very back of the truck asleep. His gorgeous Boxer named Colin
and his gorgeous British Staffordshire Terrier named Booker were
asleep in the back of the Trooper when it was stolen from Circle K
on 35th Avenue and Happy Valley Road. All police reports have been
filed and I have left messages with every Animal Shelter Supervisor I
could find phone #'s for. PLEASE help us find his boys.

Colin is brown with white chest and a little white on his paws and a
gray muzzle and he is protection trained, but sweet. Booker is a big
love bug, very friendly and he is a "faded" brindle with white stripe
between his eyes, white around his nose and white chest and a little
white on his paws too. Please call me with ANY information and post
this anywhere and everywhere you can!!! Most importantly, let's
pray that these boys are okay and not hurt, abandoned or worse.
Please pray for their safe return and please call with any

Home: 623-535-7277
Cell: 623-533-7277

Monique Merola
Volunteer and/or Member of:
[url]www.azbassetrescue.com[/url] and [url]www.CABRA.org[/url]
Sun Valley Animal Shelter

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