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Age and SAR dog training


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I taught Hazel a [i]little bit[/i] nothing real special though... (I don't think she'd make a very good SAR dog! :lol: she could probably search, but you think she'd [i]rescue[/i]?) I think the ideal age is around one isn't it? Much like with any other sports... SAR does have a lot of physical work in it, so I can't see how they'd have a dog that's younger then one doing it. I would think the same rules as in agility, flyball, disc dog, and other high activity sports would apply to SAR... but then again, I'm not the most educated person on the subject...

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Starting them as a pup is ideal and only with a group that is experienced, many people do training on their own with no idea of what is involved, go read some pages on my website, the first link, there is plenty of information there, many seasoned handlers have started older shelter dogs and have done many good searches with them.
SAR is very hard work and not what many think it is, it is like a second full time job.
you need to know much more than working your dog.
a good book is "READY" written by susan bulanda, or "So that others may live" a book written about caroline hebard.

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12 months is the ideal age for starting SAR work with your dog. I started a blk lab last year at 6 months, he is now certified for air scent at 14 months. But I already had allot of experience training sar dogs. It is harder to train the handlers than it is to train the dogs. Handler must understand UTM and able to plot locations on a map using a grid reader. CPR, K9 first aid, Navigation, Basic first aid, basic SAR, are all things the handler need to be certified in. The days of farmer Joe showing up at a rescue sight with his coon dog and going on a search is over. Also K9 handlers who want to train their dogs in SAR work because they think he will be good exercise for the dog don't usually last long on a professional SAR team after seeing what is realy involved.

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