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Depends on the dog and the children. Most dachshunds are not particularly fond of children. Some won't even tolerate them. If the child is (fairly) well behaved, and the dog is from either a responsible breeder or a rescue that thoroughly tests the dogs' temperments, it should work out. In general though, I'd say it's not a good choice.

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My grandpa has had dachshunds for the last 25 yrs, so starting before I was born and still today (he has a 12mth old standard male at the moment). All of his dogs have been good with kids. They will however only tolerate children to a degree, when they have had enough they will generally growl and give enough warning signs before they try and nip you. Kids should be taught what a dog will and won't tolerate ie. ear pulling, tail pulling, being carried the wrong way etc. which applies to all dogs but dachshunds in particular, they may look like cartoon dogs but they're flesh and blood!
The other thing is because of their long backs, you've got to be careful about how the kids pick them up and put them down and what they are and aren't allowed to jump on. They DO like to play rough sometimes but most of them are big wimps if you assert yourself with them, that's my experience though and other people might refute this.
Temperament testing is a [b]very [/b]good idea, of the last two my grandpa had one was a big grouch who was bossy and nasty to his brother, but submissive towards humans. His brother was absolutely the sweetest, friendliest dog in history. We used to dress them up in ties and sunnies, and I used to clean their ears, groom them, and pretend I was James Herriot when I was about 10-11 and they were pups to 5yrs, and not once did either of them show any aggression towards me.
Like all dogs and children you should never leave them unsupervised until the kids are older. If you have experience as a dog owner getting a dachshund may be worthwhile, but not as a first timer with small children.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do. :)

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