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  1. Is it O.k to wash nylon collars and leashes in the washer? Will the color bleed? I need to know how to look after my dogs collars and leashes. Any help would be appreciated. P.S all my equipment is nylon.
  2. Are they greyhound mixes?
  3. I rescued a sheltie mix from the shelter a year ago. We would like to find out what is the other side of his family. We believe it is possibly border collie. I don't have pictures but I will describe the best I can. He is 40 LBS and is blond with white marking. He has round brown eyes and has a long snout and a mane on his chest. He has tufs of fur on his butt and he is 18 inches high at the shoulders. Do you think this could be border collie?
  4. bernese mountain dog, rottweiler or border collie.
  5. Thats what I would like to do in the summer too. Bear is my main consern because he lives outside near the swamp. Since I don't have a kennel yet he is tied on a chain. I have to do a lot of repaires on his house because he also likes to eat it. The holes he digs is horrible! One is so deep we thought he was going to china :lol: . What type of collars do you use. I have been experimenting so I bought a Hunter Nylon buckel collar at the pet store. It's getting streched but it seems to be o.k. I won't let him wear leather because riley had a leather collar and he snapped it clean in two and almost got hit by a truck! Bear loves trowing his food dish in the air and burying it. He sometimes gives Dixie a dish or toy for a present. I might start bringing him to the brook for a swim. :wink:
  6. Hey i'm a musher! PLease check out my topic on sports and activities called 'fellow mushers' hope to get your reply!
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