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What else is bad for dogs to eat?

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I found out the hard way that dogs prone to bloat shouldnt be fed turkey :-?
I read a reply on my post on bloat and I guess that Turkey is known to cause bloat cause its gassy. :-?

So be careful this X-mas if you cook a turkey. Don't share if you have a bloat prone dog.
ps, if any one know this one of my dogs almost bloated 3 times in the run of 1 week. I had changed him to Innova food, it turns out that Turkey is the main ingredient and was causing my boy to be gassy. I changed him back to wellness and he is doing 190% better and no more gas. I even added the same veggies to his food that I thought cuased his bloat in the first place...no gas from the veggies with his regular food.

I wonder if Innova should be made aware of this?

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i don't think that turkey is any more gassy than any other meat source. at least, just like the tryptophan issue kat mentioned further up, i've not seen any hard evidence on it at all. much talk but no follow ups. :)

overall i think it depends much more on the individual dog. i have a friend who has one dog who gets the worsst gas from lamb but eats any other meat just fine. my own dog tends to get gas from pork and chicken, but does great on lamb, beef and turkey.

one thing i do know is that a lot of people who complain about gas or soft/runny stools on innova are simply feeding too much. innova has almost 30% more calories per cup than most other mainstream foods and people just tend to substitute cup for cup with whatever else they were feeding before.

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I am trying to find information about companies that use farmed chicken in there dog food. I have done a lot of searching but have not been able to find a company, even though in different articals it always mentions used in certain dog food, now I know these chickens are used in the cheaper brands, but does anyone know whether or not the better made dog food does?
TDG... I am very impressed with your knowledge and so I guess this is more directed to you, but please don't let this stop anyone else with information about this. I need and want all the input I can get.[color=indigo][/color]

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