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  1. Hi Ice Maiden~ My dog Hunter is a 1yr old GSD/Yellow Lab mix, and from what I've read about the 2 breeds he definately resembles the lab side more as far as personality goes; very people oriented and playful. About the only GSD trait that I've seen in him is how proud he looks when he has a 'job' to do (his favorite 'job' is carrying the newspaper into the house). I feel I got the best of dogs by adopting a mixed breed. Anyway, to answer your question I don't train or teach him geared to any one specific breed- he's definately one of a kind with a personality all of his own. It's been alot of 'live and learn' to see what works best with him and of course all the help I've gotten from "DOGO" has been wonderful. Good luck with your new pup!
  2. Awesome,awesome information. I went to different sites to get pics and they literally made me ill, so I'm not sure if I'll use those, but they were very powerful. Another interesting tidbit of info I found- 2 unaltered dogs and their descendants can theoretically number 67,000 in 6 years; cats 420,000. I havent done the math on that one to make sure its right, but those amounts just amazed me. Thanks so much for all the help!!!!
  3. Between me and Hunter we've had 6 woodticks since last weekend. Whats the best choice for repellant? My vet tells me Frontline but I wanted to double check with the experts first :wink:
  4. Part of one of my final exams in my computer class is doing a powerpoint presentation on something that interests me. I would like to do it along the lines of spaying/neutering to reduce unwanted litters and why people should consider adoption instead of buying from petstores/BYB. I want to include facts and numbers to back up my opinions. If anyone has any tidbits of info they can share with me or some links I can research I would really appreciate it. This is going to be viewed by about 45 college age students and I'm hoping to make an impact and educate them. Thanks guys!!
  5. BRAVO!!!! I think you did an amazing job holding your composure and approaching the situation maturely. You were nice until it was time to lay the smack down, which unfortunatlely is the only means of communication that some people understand. Theres no trying to compromise with irrational people, she definately needs her meds upped. I feel really bad for the people that have to live with her...
  6. DAL, Im so sorry I missed this post. I know you guys went through some rough times. Know that my thoughts are with you, and Big Hugs to you.
  7. I had Hunter neutered at 5 mos and hes never marked, but hes not around other dogs either. He still pees like a girl, I heard that this is because he doesnt have any other male dogs around that he has to compete with. I highly recommend spaying/neutering any animal thats not used for breeding purposes. It will ward off alot of potential problems in the future, not just marking.
  8. Hunter is a 6 month old GSD/Lab mix that we got from a German Shepherd rescue when he was 10 weeks old. He was from a litter of 12 pups, their mom had died when they were 6 weeks old. He's a great dog except that he wont stop biting/mouthing/chewing. Not on things like furniture and stuff, but on people. He doesn't do it out of aggression, he's the most happy go lucky dog I've ever known. It just seems like this is his way of playing and it hurts! He's broken skin on everyone in the family. We've tried everything I've heard of- time outs(crate), ignoring, yelping, squirt bottles, bitter apple and vinegar (which suprised him the first couple times, but now he LIKES it!) and giving him his toys to chew on in exchange for our hands. You cant even touch him without him chewing on you. I have a feeling that because he was seperated from his siblings and mom at such a young age that maybe he didnt learn bite inhibition. Im seriously at a loss of what I can do about this. Is he ever going to outgrow it? Any suggestions? He does have plenty of chew toys. In fact if hes not chewing on one of us, he's got a toy in his mouth (and vice-versa!)
  9. Maybe you would feel better if you got some more refences. I think yours is a normal reaction for any mom whos leaving her baby for the first time. Hope you have a wonderful time!!!!!
  10. One of my felines loves to eat whole dryer sheets. Shes never suffered any ill effects, but she also 'hairballs' them back up. I guess I really dont have any decent advice for you, just wanted to let you know that theyve never made my feline horribly ill. And I definately agree that a call to the vet is in order just for peace of mind. Hope everything comes out OK!
  11. Ooh, pick me, I got it too! I laughed so hard I peed myself :lol:
  12. As a mother of two, I do believe that breast milk is best for BABIES, but in my opinion the La Leche League is crazy in a PETA kind of way. Both just go way over the top.
  13. Sure, I threaten Hunter all the time. Then he laughs at me and says,"but mom Im just a PUPPY" and goes back to chasing the cats as soon as my backs turned.
  14. I guess that outside of the obvious, the part that I dont understand is how does she make the correlation between breastfeeding her dog and it growing up to protect her child? I dont get it
  15. I dont think that either one is better than the other. I think what matters is how the dogs owner handles it and what sacrifices they are willing to make for the happiness and well being of their pets.
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