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ScatMat - does it work? A last resort


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I'm at my wits end when it comes to my dog counter surfing, he only ever steals food when there is no one in the room. I had to induce vomiting the other day on the advice of our vet when my dog got hold of some raisins, for his own safety I have to cure the problem. I know its best to keep all surfaces clear of food - but my father suffers from a short term memory problem and its just not possible to always ensure counters are clear. I have been seriously considering getting a scat mat to cure the problem. Has anyone used one, and do they work?

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I know this is an old question. But YES, they work. I have them for our sofa and loveseat. Dogs are pretty smart, they'll touch it once (and it does not hurt them-it's only uncomfortable) and they more than likely won't come back. Right now I still keep them on the furniture, but they're not even turned on. It was a quick lesson and even though they're expensive-worth the money.

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