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Animal Planet Looking For Loving Family To Adopt A Dog


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Animal Planet is looking for families in the tri-state area who are interested in adopting a dog, and being on TV.

Our team of four canine experts (a rescuer, trainer, groomer, and doggie decorator) will work with the dog on behavioral, health, and grooming issues, while also pampering it like never before (certified doggie masseuses, shopping sprees, huge gourmet meals. A section of your house and yard will be "pimped" out for your special pooch, with items like a luxury overstuffed dog bed, or a wading pool).

We are looking for charismatic families who have a unique, sentimental, or powerful reason to want to bring a dog into their lives. But above all else we are looking for families who have a lot of love to give, and are truly serious about giving a shelter or rescued dog a forever home. Interested parties should currently not own a dog (or have a compelling reason why their current dog needs a companion). We are also looking for families whose homes have a nice outdoor area for the dog to play.

If you think you are the perfect family for this production, email a brief description of why your family should be chosen along with a family photo and contact information to [email][email protected][/email]

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