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Help desperately needed!


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My family has been devastated recently regarding a situation with our dogs.

About 5 years ago, my mother and step-father purchased a boxer pup, and adopted his older sister from a breeder.

Three years ago, he and my mother divorced. In the agreement, it was stated that the dogs would live with him "when his living arrangements allow." and until then, that they would remain with us, and that he would pay half their expenses.

Today, 3 years later, he still has not claimed ownership of the dogs, or paid expenses for them for the past year. The dogs have lived with us the entire time, and we have paid for everything for them. The only time they have spent with my step-father, has been when my mother was out of town and he dogsat them.

Recently, not even 2 months ago, my mother sold her house which had been on the market almost 2 years! The buyers requested a fast closing, which left my mom with a gap in housing arrangements. She and my grandmother are currently staying with a friend of hers, in a temporary situation until she finds a new home.

During this period of time, she asked her ex-husband, my ex-step father, to keep the dogs temporarily until she closes on a new home. 2 weeks ago, he called us and said that we had until Oct 29th to take the dogs back, or he will give them away because they are too "inconvenient" for him.

This left my mother and the rest of our family reeling with grief and anger over his attitude and the possible loss of our beloved family members. She told him she would do everything in her power to take the dogs back, but he hadn't even given her thirty days to find a new home!

A week after that, he called and said he had found a new home for them. My mother said he had better not do anything with our dogs and that she would pick them up THAT DAY.

He said no. He said he wanted to do what was the best thing for the dogs. We feel that the best thing for them is to remain with their family that loves them, not give them away to strangers when we still very much want them and never ever ever ever would even think about getting rid of them.

We feel that he has already given them away, or else why wouldn't he give them back to us?

We desperately want our dogs back and we just don't know what to do about it...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.... please!!! :(

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