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German Shepherd help!

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Hi All,

Am new to this an need a little help.....so for the little story but gives you a bit of back round.

Me and my partner rehomed a 9 month old German Shepherd from a family near us he wasn't looked after hardly walked, wasn't socailized had a muzzle on all the time but was surround be kids.

once i picked him up he took to me like a moth to fire, but not so well with my partner. of which he doesn't listen to and just ignores but he follows me every where and waits by the dog till i come in etc etc.

But we are having a few problems:

1) when walking if he see's another dog hes pulling barking and goes mad until the dog has passed not agressive unless a small dog.
2) nipping and biting tried to punish him from tap on the nose to shouting to putting out side (which works at the mo) but the rest he sees as a game
3)call back is ok until he sees another dog / animal then hes gone until he wants to come back no treat works.
4)pulling on the lead treats again he doesn't seem to be interested unless in the house....of which he can do most things .....he isn't dump for sure.

we take him training, do mind stimulation, tricks, games very long walks but still can be a pain.

I know its our/my fault just need to know where am going wrong any help i would greatful


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Get a book and help. You have one of the smartest dog breeds so be consistent. Don't confuse the dog, remember if you want the dog off the couch the command is not 'down' but 'off' or anything but down. Don't lose your calm ever and stick with it. 6 to 9 months of consistent training and you'll have the best companion for life.

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Your GSD has figured out you are the Alpha and your partner is the pushover. Please get your partner to do the obedience and make the dog obey. There are training programs called Nothing In Life is Free. Some animals need that level of structure.

You are dealing with an adolescent animal--hard time to work through. When he is age two, you will be so proud of your dog and he will be a pleasure, if you do the consistent discipline (with love) and training now.

I also recommend a Martingale or similar head halter. Control your animal now before he gets bigger, stronger and more aggressive. Plenty of people willing to sue you for your dog injuring theirs. And who wants that to happen, anyhow?

Jo Ellen and her Akita pup, age 14 months

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I disagree with the head halter advice-it's like an anti-pull harness, he isn't learning anything, you're just restricting him. I put a flat collar (NOT a choke) on my husky (a dog bred to drag things) and a leash, and when he pulled, I stopped walking. If he didn't come back to see why I wasn't moving, I turned and walked in the other direction, until he came after me. when the leash became slack, I immediately turned and walked back in the original direction. I trained all my dogs this way and it works.
I suggest training him a "leave it" command, and using this for his small-dog aggression.
When does he nip? He is a herding dog and he may be herding or he may be playing.
As for the not-coming-back when there is a distraction-it takes years for a dog to be considered really reliable for a recall. A long time and a whole lot of training--start training now! teach a leave it command, don't take him off leash when there is a chance of something distracting coming around, and work, work, work, on the recall.
And I agree, you have one of the smartest breeds ever, and he is just a pup, when he is grown, he will calm down, and you will adore him and be so glad for this dog.

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