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  1. You cannot make your dog not dominate your child. In some dogs it is hardwired. He does not like her and does not want her in his space. He is very much behaving as a member of a wolf pack--nipping those who are younger and less controlled. I am not saying this is okay. I am just explaining some of it. I too recommend you look at some websites on this issue. You certainly do not want your child harmed. Keep her away from him while you work on this. I would also look into obedience training as a way to establish who is running the house, you or him. Jo Ellen and her Akita pup, who is afrai
  2. Your GSD has figured out you are the Alpha and your partner is the pushover. Please get your partner to do the obedience and make the dog obey. There are training programs called Nothing In Life is Free. Some animals need that level of structure. You are dealing with an adolescent animal--hard time to work through. When he is age two, you will be so proud of your dog and he will be a pleasure, if you do the consistent discipline (with love) and training now. I also recommend a Martingale or similar head halter. Control your animal now before he gets bigger, stronger and more aggressive.
  3. I would encourage you to keep the dog at home, if possible. But your friends are kind and would be more available at their own place. Supply her usual blankets, toys and try something new, like a Kong filled with peanut butter. She will manage, if loved, even though she will be bewildered by the strangeness. Too bad you will be gone so long. At her age, that is about a year. Hope you have made written plans and given written permission for vet needs and health emergencies she may have at her senior age. Jo Ellen
  4. torii

    !Misunderstood Akita!

    God bless. It is so hard to lose an Akita. They are like an extension of your own body. On your new darling, expose her in small increments to neighbors, post office, park. Ask people to hand her treats (that you give to them in advance) so she will associate new things and new people with good stuff. Enroll in puppy obedience class. Socialize, socialize, socialize. A very easy treat that I used in obedience class was chicken hot dogs sliced very thin and microwaved until they were dried chips. Easy to carry in pocket, much loved by my Akita. Jo Ellen and Torii the Terror (after all , h
  5. torii

    !Misunderstood Akita!

    As a person who rescued and placed 33 Akitas, I may know something about Akitas and kids. NO reputable rescue places adult Akitas with families with kids under 10 or 12. Why? The dominance of the breed over smaller animals and yes, kids. The tendency to nip to correct an erring pup/child is strong. Yes, Akitas can adjust to young children in their original pack/home. But proper adult supervision is necessary. These are not Cocker Spaniels; an Akita will correct (nip,snarl) when really bothered by a child. Their teeth leave a much more lasting mark on a child than that of a Cocker Spaniel.
  6. torii

    Akita Mania!

    If your puppy is real gassy, it means the food is trash and not digesting well. Also, as he/she matures, you should add fish to their diet. What do they eat in Japan? Fish, rice and seaweed. J.Ringer and Torii the Akita
  7. torii

    Akita Mania!

    Science diet is crap. It is mostly corn. Read up on the web on the dangers of commercial dog food. Switch your dog to Canidae, Flint River, Solid Gold or Innova (which is what I feed). I have rescued more than 33 Akitas and should know something about what improves their health. I currently have a one year old male Akita. I have taken him to puppy obedience to get him socialized and take him everywhere they accept a dog coming in (hair cutter's, feed shop, local library). It is CRUCIAL to socialize after 1 year of age--when they become bratty adolescents. This is when trouble accepting othe
  8. First, change to an all-organic dog food such as INNOVA. It has helped many Akitas I have worked with in rescue who had skin conditions. You can read up on Innova and other superior dog foods on the web. This alone has solved many skin problems for dogs. Second, have your dog's thyroid level checked by vet. Simple test-usually costs $25. If his/her thyroid is low, a cheap medication ($3. a month) will fix it. It will need to be taken permanently. About 80% of the dogs I have rescued, and please note this is a problem particularly in Akitas, needed thyroid supplementation. J.Ringer, Idaho
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