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My Major is gone (Poland, Wroclaw)


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I've lost my best friend, a month ago... He leaved our garden 05.09.07 and never came back. Major, was 4.5 year old, Everybody missing him a lot... I'm pregnant now, and it hurts me that my child will never meet Major.
We lost hope that he can come back home, but we're counting for a miracle, which will give us our friend back...
I'm from Wroclaw in Poland I was looking for him in our shelter, and of course i was riding over our neighbours with his noisy toy for over a week in hope that He's somewhere near, hear me...


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I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is when your dog is missing. Ours got loose a few times and it was horrible not knowing where they were. Luckily they came back so keep the faith that Major will too. He may be with a good family that just doesn't know where to return him yet. He's a beautiful boy.

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Thanks alot for your words... It's been hard two months... I'm still thinking about my friend, I'm dreaming about Him often... first in my dreams he was comming back home or i was finding him... now I'm dreaming that He never did miss, I'm walking with him, and playing... That's helpfull-This way i know that He's with me no matter what...

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