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Wonder If yall can help me?


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[B] :roll:My new Puppy Zeus is being a silly butt..lol..I have been wanting to take him with me to pick the kids up from school but I am afraid we will never get there! Just to take him outside is a hoot, and takes around 20 min.'s to get him from the sliding glass door just to the end of the porch:wallbash: just for potty time? He has to stretch, yawn,scratch,sniff himself lick himself, then sit and look at me like what are we doing out here and he does the same thing when I take him to walk to the mail box, but to the mail box it is without the other stuff. When we go to the mail box he just does not want to walk with me he wants to go back home, or he will just sit and look at me? So I will do the excited voice like "come on Zeus!"and he will get up and go for a little and before I know it "PLOP!" lol...I don't know, any advice?:help1: P.S. He walks on the leash just fine when we get in the back yard for potties....once we get out there!

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