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6mo Spayed Newfy with Recurrent Vaginal Discharge

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Help! We have a 6 mo old spayed Newfoundland. We had her spayed at 5 mos. at our vets reccomendation. She has had (since we got her at 16 wks) recurrent vaginal discharge. She has been on 3 courses of antibiotics and it is yet to go away completely. (seemed to be the most clear after her spay and course of cephalaxin).
Our breeder had said that this is common and will go away after the 1st heat cyle, but she will not and has not had one. I am concerned that we may have screwed ourselves by having her spayed prior to her first heat cyle.
Has anyone had any experiences with this?
She is in perfect health otherwise and it doesn't seem to bother her.
Our breeder has suggested putting yogurt on her food and giving her a vaginal douche with a vinegar solution daily for a week. I am not sure how to administer this :lookaround: . But I am willing to try anything at this point before having to take her in for a vaginoscopy. Any information would be greatly appreciated. By chance does anyone know about how much a vaginoscopy costs?:oops:

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I know exactly what you are talking about. We spayed our boxer right when she was old enough and she had vaginal discharge before and after. Before she was spayed we were told that she has vaginitis (sp) and that it would clear after spaying. She is now over a year old and she still has discharge. It is not as bad as it was before and is minimal. She was given antibiotics but I got to the point where I was tired of her being medicated and not seeing results. We don't have a high concern for this any longer. If you find out anything new, please let me know.

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