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Protein requirements?


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I was wondering if I could feed my new pup the same protein powder that I eat?

Either way since reading TDG's page I have a few questions about protein uptake.

I assume the differant amino acid functions would be the same when comparing myself to my pooch right? I mean an AA is an AA no matter how you cut it, so it should do the same thing despite species right?

If my assumtion is true than I would like to put Bayou (my pup) on nightly BCAAs somewhere in the 3 gram range. As well as say, 70 grams of high availability protein maybe a designer whey/egg/(quality) casein. Add whole food protein to push total uptake to around 110 grams a day. I would also like to supplement Lysine, Creatine, Leucine and Arginine. As long as there is nothing wrong in doing so.

When talking human athletes the rule of thumb is 1 gram per pound of lean weight. At 10% body fat, a 200 pound guy eats 180 grams everyday he trains. I figure dogs digestion is faster so you would need to up the number a bit and I'm not sure how to calculate BF percentages in dogs either but 110 sounds good. Besides to much will just get passed, no harm done.

Anyway what do you guys think?

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don't know a ton about the specifics of your question, since i don't know much about human supplements, but if i were looking to add more protein to my dog's diet, i'd probably supplement with raw meat rather than a human protein supplement.

i'd imagine that you'd see more well-rounded results (better coat, digestion, muscle development) with that approach than with an isolated protein source alone.

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