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My Puppy twitches

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first thing to do with any new puppy is get it to a vet for a check-up & any shots he might need. twitching when -- during sleep? what is the breed?

bad breath and stinky farts -- probably need a better quality food and you can brush their teeth -- they make special doggie toothpaste.

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[quote name='Zappa']Sorry forgot to answer your question about him twitching. Yes, he only twitches when he sleeps.[/quote]

Thats completely normal. Like dreaming. :lol: My dog (he's about 2 now) does it all the time. Full on body twitching, whining, barking.. in his sleep. :lol:

Welcome to Dogo!

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Kibbles N Bits is probably the worst quality of food availible :o Please go to your nearest pet supply store and ask someone for advice. I live in Canada so im not sure what brands you have to choose from. Look at the ingredients on that can. If it says animal by product or meat meal...that mean it can be any kind of meat including roadkill, euthanized animals, Sick animals, The cheapest meat they can find. Please research the ingredients. It will disgust you.

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