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Petition- stop dogs being used as live bait


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I wouldn't say it's an animal rights lie- it [i]does[/i] happen- just perhaps not as often as they're representing it to happen. The fact that it happens once or twice is one or two times too many for me.

Anyway, this is from a government which allows the most inhumane treatment of geese for human consumption- stringent animal welfare legislation it may have for companion animals, but the French, like many other countries (including Australia), don't count commercial livestock such as poultry, sheep, pigs and cows as animals for the purposes of the statute.

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What the Snopes site is saying is that there was an article published in the Reunion Island paper stating that although it had occurred, it was a rare occurrence (ie using live dogs as bait). The practice of using dead dogs as bait is done by a small group of fishermen, and the dogs weren't people's pets but rather strays (there is a sterilisation program that's been going on since 2001- not very effective if they still have 150,000 strays) that had been culled. So when I was saying that a live dog had been used as bait "once or twice", I wasn't quoting directly from the articles, more that I was supposing that had it only happened once or twice, that would still be too many times for me to condone. Does that make sense? I have to go to work now so I'll clarify it later if it's not clear.

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