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Animal By-laws here


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I was reading the animal by-laws for our city and found out some stuff I didn't know before. I was wondering what your by-laws are like? Here are some of ours:

[b]If an animal is not given food, water, or attention for fifteen consecutive hours the animal control officer may romove the animal and the owner may be charged as well as may for any medical treatment the animal may require. [/b] (I was suprised that the animal must also be given attention, I was glad to hear it wasn't just food, water and shelter that was required.)
Also it's illegal to abandon any animal and you can be charged. I was glad to hear that too.
I think you also have to pay for a breeders licence if you breed dogs or cats.

What are your by-laws like are they much different?

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That's awful, stupid AC. I wondered if our AC would enforce the by-laws. Oh, I forgot to mention. It's also illegal to abandon your pet, like dump it in a field. Not many people get caught though.
My sister works with someone who had two cats, a kitten and an adult male, dropped off on her doorstep in minus -40 celcius weather this last winter!!!! The poor kittens ears were froze by the time the woman seen them and took them inside. Well, she put up an ad to find them new homes as she had five cats already and said in the ad that they had been abandoned. She found homes for both but just a few weeks ago she got the adult male back. Turns out the person she gave him to dumped him in a field and someone picked him up and traced the tatoo back to her.( She'd had them tattoed and neutered.) People can be real jerks! Poor cat. :(

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Wow, I wish AC was like that here(either we don't have a local AC or it's just very worthless)

I don't what the by laws are but I do know that ANY animal running at large can be picked up by the HS and they fine you and if they pick it up a certain amount of times they hand it over to the police for investigation. If your pet is at the shelter for 7 days(HAWS policy anyway) it is no longer your dog and goes up for adoption. It's considered animal cruelty to leave the dog home outside alone all day during the summer I think.

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