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Pooh Bear's first furniture attack


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I let Pooh Bear stay out of his crate while we're sleeping, and only crate him when I'm gone.

Well, yesterday morning, I let the kids out to do their business and play a little, and then let them back in, and we all took a nap. Well, I guess Pooh Bear wasn't as tired as the girls were. He was on the futon with me, and while I drifted off he chewed off part of the arm of a leather recliner that's right next to the futon.

So now if we're going to take a nap, and it doesn't look like he's sleepy enough, I'll put him in his crate. I sprayed the bitter apple stuff on the recliner and the futon frame after the fact. And when I catch him in the act and tell him no, he stops right away.

I don't think that it'll take too long for him to grow out of the chewing stage. Jackie and Maya are great role models, because they don't chew on anything they're not supposed to, and if I catch him starting to chew on anything inappropriate, I tell him no and he stops immediately. It'll be real nice when he's mature enough to let him have run of the whole house like Jackie and Maya are.

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The [COLOR=black]Jubilee Set[/COLOR] consists out of two 21 cm bear, one made out of a blue and the other out of a yellow mohair. The yellow and blue are the colors in the coat of arms for the city of Giengen, the birthplace of the Teddy bear. Each Teddy bear has a little bag over his shoulder embroidered with the Steiff logo and containing miniature versions of issues 1 and 40 of the Club Magazine (front and back pages). Already a traditional component of Club editions, the porcelain pendant draws attention to the 10th anniversary of the Steiff Club (1992-2002).

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