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Guest Anonymous

Shih Tzu Puppy With Few Teeth?

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Guest Anonymous
I have just purchased a 5 month old Shih Tzu puppy after having
a vet check his health. That vet didn't mention any problem
with his mouth or teeth. The vet of the previous owner had not seen
problems. The previous owner also had talked to the breeders who
had no teeth problems with the parents.

Today, 4 days later, another vet who checked him showed me that
he has hardly any upper teeth and only a few lower teeth. The second
vet seemed to think that the permanent teeth should be coming in, so he
was concerned that his teeth even would come in.

Is it normal for this puppy to be having to gum food until new
teeth come in? When do their permanent teeth start coming through?
Do they sometimes not get their permanent teeth? Do their baby teeth fall out without the permanent ones coming in right away?

He is house broken and so sweet
and I would never return him. But this teeth thing
has me a little concerned.

Thanks for any input.


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My pup started losing her teeth at 5 months. She pretty much lost them all during a 1 week period. Then the teeth started growing in pretty quickly.

I'm not really sure if what your puppy has is a problem, someone else here may be more helpful in that area. I can suggest only to keep an eye on her gums, to keep them clean and watch for any growth/bleeding and report it to your vet.

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