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Dog Cart/Sled plans?

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Oooh, I have some great plans (it's a small booklet :o ) for a dog sled... Unfortantly I STILL can't find my scanner :-? :roll: I will dig out my old Dog Sledding Binder and see if I can find the source of where i got the instructions from though... unless you've already found a plan?
Planning on teaching your puppers sledding? :P I would love to hear what you have planned :D

I use to have TONES of carting websites bookmarked too, but for the life of me can't find them now, they have all been lost through the computer crashing :evil: :(

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No cart yet, cashed dried up, oh well. Thus far I have just been trying to teach the boys to walk harnessed together and possibly get the gist of left and right. Kavik seems to be catching on to left and right but thinks that walking UNDER Zaphod is perfectly fine when they are tethered together. Zaphod completely ignores left and right but walks excellently when they are tethered together. :lol:
To teach left and right I just give the command and a split second later direct them that way lightly, if they go I praise. For Kavik I could sometimes give the command and wait for him to go the right way and then praise but not Zaphod.

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