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  1. Pumpkin the musher

    Why do you think people oppose dog fighting?

    Well, I've stayed under the radar till now, but as someone who has been involved in a sport that allot of people find just as cruel as dog fighting, I thought I would add my 3.5 cents. I lurked for quite some time before becoming a member of Dogo, because of the negetive press dog sledding has gotten, especially from PETA and the Humane Society. Everyone here has been very accepting and willing to listen and learn. (I've gotten in more hot water over my militant child-freeness 8) ) Anyway. I did learn some things about what gameness is, I was a little confused about it before, and thanks to those that posted about it for the straight info. As far as dogs becoming inferior because they no longer do what they were bred to do, there is a is an identical situation in mushing. Show type Siberian Huskies are no longer capable of competing in dogsled races at any level, anywhere. They have been bred to be heavy boned, heavy coated, and no longer have the desire to work. There are registered Siberians that are still competitive, but they would be laughed out of the showring. They are long, lean and not marked with the same distinct "Snowdogs" mask- in other words, they look like Alaskans... We can throw around the phrase "agree to disagree" all we want, but the truth is that there is always going to be some real hot emotions over any form of dog sports, be it matching, mushing, running hounds or whatever. The key is knowledge and reasonable discourse. Remember- What angers you ,controls you.
  2. Pumpkin the musher

    Zoe's time has come

    Run free Zoe... :angel: So sorry Kat .
  3. Pumpkin the musher

    What dog snacks or dog foods have you personally tasted?

    I cook allot of rice and barley for the dogs in the winter and I always save out a little bowl for myself- (of course that's before I dump in the eggs, fish oil and venison scraps... 8) I tried a new carob snack that i got for Cricket just last week- it looked like a tiny Andes mint....didn't taste like one tho. :o
  4. Pumpkin the musher

    Just one litter

    Norma went bye bye a while ago...
  5. Pumpkin the musher

    Favorite thing about your dog...

    [u]Cricket[/u] good- Calm, nothing phases her, very brave with the big dogs.Bad: very brave with [i]any[/i] big dog. [u]Bug [/u]good: Follows commands flawlessly, even tho she may think it's not a good idea. Bad: Wants nothing to do with anyone but me. [u]Merlin[/u] good: Loves people- very friendly. Bad: Loves people, very friendly, slows down in races to greet everyone... :roll: [u]Happy [/u]good: Loves other dogs/puppies. Bad: Has a nervous habit of nibbling the hair off of her knees. [u]Zeus[/u] good: Very loyal, will jump off a cliff for you. Bad: See previous statement. [u]Bernie [/u]good: Ummm, let me think. Bad: Barks too much and thinks he's in charge [u]Tynan[/u] good: Has a wonderful clear howl and loves hugs. Bad: Hates her sister Woofy. [u]Woofy[/u] good: Hard worker (No brain/no pain...) Bad: Hates her sister Tynan, barks at other dogs during races. [u]George[/u] good: Is the happiest dog I've ever owned. Bad: Trys to herd you . [u]Dot[/u] good: Calm and friendly, likes to play carefully with Cricket. Bad: Dumb as a rock. [u]Gemma[/u] good: Works hard, loves to please. Bad: Is scared of her own shadow. Topaz good: Loves attention . Bad: Won't settle down- too hyper.
  6. Pumpkin the musher

    Celebrities who own your breed?

    Queen Victoria of England, Isaac Newton, (a "pre-Pom" to be sure) Tammy Wynette, Dan from my MSN Pom group(He [i]should[/i] be a celebrity) David Hasselhoff(!) and Fran Drescher, and ME! Hah! Too much coffee folks, watch out tonite 8) Chillin' with the hubby... [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XwDhAksdRI26UGf0ksrd7bsQWd66ydI5DE3WKUX5qmzY0apwFWqVi*brltkeH2yjeCxYHcF8j836Axk6BSeraOPoUn*t41p9eoK!XHuqXfbz6Yb*Ggm11M3BsznOX!BU1u5jPrAtUK4/Cricket%20and%20Dad.jpg?dc=4675519767447092572[/img]
  7. Pumpkin the musher

    Fellow musher?

    I'm still around.....
  8. Just a little bit. We had about 1200 miles of sled time/ training racing last year.
  9. Pumpkin the musher

    "Unpredictable" malamutes?

    A number of years ago I had a dog named Aesa, a female Alaskan that I bought from a musher in northern Minnesota- (She died at only 6 years old of kidney failure, probably genetic :( she was a very hard working dog, with allot of greyhound in her backround, so she didn't quite "fit" with my Mal crosses... Anyway, one day I heard this terrible screaming coming from the dog yard- I ran up there and she was as far away from her house as she could get, trembling in fear, like there was something really horrible in her house. I peeked in there, and it was...... A baby rabbit. (Also scared to death.)
  10. Pumpkin the musher

    Panda Shepherd

    If the dogs parentage is true, their pedigrees are fairly impressive- I was thinking that 900$ was a good price- I was thinking they were going to do the 2500 to 3000$ deal!
  11. Pumpkin the musher

    need help.

    I'm not sure where the idea that Poms are hard to housetrain came from- both of mine were relatively easy, and all the folks I know who have them have not had problems. Cricket rings a bell to go out, and has been mistake free since she was about 8 months old. It could be the stubborness, they definitely can be stubborn, but as long as they have a firm, consistent training regimen, you should be OK.
  12. Pumpkin the musher


    What is this? "Lets find the oldest thread "day? :niewiem:
  13. Pumpkin the musher

    PuppyFinder- edited by K

    :hand: Bye-bye!
  14. Pumpkin the musher

    Paw prints

    Ankle area might be a bit painful, the closer the bone is to the skin's surface, the more it will sting. (I won't use the word "hurt", I would compare it to the feeling of being bitten by a mosquito) . Given a choice between the discomfort of having my teeth cleaned and having a tattoo, the tattoo would win, hands down. I hate to have my teeth cleaned. :evil:
  15. Pumpkin the musher

    Hey Pumpkin the musher...

    One thing I forgot- you have to be super vigilant and watch him every second so that you can correct the [i]micro-second[/i] he looks like he is going to get distracted- sometimes treats can be used, but I wouldn't want my dogs turning around expecting a treat every time they do something right.