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  1. Dogs? children? Is there even a choice here? Oh yeah, I forgot. Society insists that you not be aware of the fact that having children is a choice and do so because you must follow the life script. Feh.... 8) you guys knew I couldn't leave this one alone.
  2. I was ignoring this thread with a seething passion, but have to point out that as squicky as David Hasselhoff is, he does at least have ggod taste in dogs- he has Pomeranians. A random Cricket pic from this summer: [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0UwAVA2wZDy92RLPh2pEKznKnBys7!vOiOlr*5asNT1pRAZQ*UqEb77d1WeNnkaXmmYQJvorKRwM2KU91AMlOubEWMWVZq*aWtLVORJUQja*Whk4UBsGoeTfYOQ2*csND/FLOWERS.jpg?dc=4675526592293498288[/img]
  3. "When you think about it there is no other hunting sport where the dog is in direct contact with the animal" Sorry, but not true. We have allot of bear hunters in our area, and this time of year they only get chase permits, but during hunting season they are allowed to shoot the bear. Sometimes the bear trees, and sometimes not, in which case the hunter can sometimes lose dogs. Coon hunting is also dangerous for the dog, as an adult male coon can easly top 35 lbs and have been known to injure dogs to an extent that the dog would have to be put down. When I train my sled dogs in the winter, we also come upon allot of coyote hunters, and their dogs are mildly interested in mine, but tend to run off after awhile. I must not run fast enough. :-?
  4. Well, I've stayed under the radar till now, but as someone who has been involved in a sport that allot of people find just as cruel as dog fighting, I thought I would add my 3.5 cents. I lurked for quite some time before becoming a member of Dogo, because of the negetive press dog sledding has gotten, especially from PETA and the Humane Society. Everyone here has been very accepting and willing to listen and learn. (I've gotten in more hot water over my militant child-freeness 8) ) Anyway. I did learn some things about what gameness is, I was a little confused about it before, and thanks to those that posted about it for the straight info. As far as dogs becoming inferior because they no longer do what they were bred to do, there is a is an identical situation in mushing. Show type Siberian Huskies are no longer capable of competing in dogsled races at any level, anywhere. They have been bred to be heavy boned, heavy coated, and no longer have the desire to work. There are registered Siberians that are still competitive, but they would be laughed out of the showring. They are long, lean and not marked with the same distinct "Snowdogs" mask- in other words, they look like Alaskans... We can throw around the phrase "agree to disagree" all we want, but the truth is that there is always going to be some real hot emotions over any form of dog sports, be it matching, mushing, running hounds or whatever. The key is knowledge and reasonable discourse. Remember- What angers you ,controls you.
  5. I have always prefered female lead dogs- they tend to be more level headed and less easily distracted. I do have a couple of males that will lead, but they aren't to excited about it. I have almost an even mix now, 5 males and 6 females. All but two of the males are neutered and this has not affected their pulling abilities. In one case they were actually a better dog after the big snip. I have one male, Merlin, who has "gender issues" . He acts more like a female than a male. When his sister Bug had puppies, he insisted on visiting the them only a few days after they were born, crawling in the puppy house with Bug and her puppies. She proceeded to wash him along with the puppies. :roll: Bug tends to prefer Merlin as her co-leader as well , and definitely does not want other females with her, even her daughter Tynan who is a decent leader in her own right. She doesn't get mad, just sulks, leans as far away as she can get and refuses to pull until I put a male up there with her. :huh: Here is Merlin, playing with the girls. They normally ignore him. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0VQD6AgsarGTYgl35Oidq!BkGqTfYLKO9gR9XmpN8!6s2Tbg0rHqH5niSVBVAETZNEFs9vilK9shkwkyEnWdFYZA6T18KOj7bXvgX9uB6tufNhnLrwjiAf5lSmK*lRm6V/dog%20pile.JPG?dc=4675533245898068989[/img]
  6. :chainsaw1: Resident angry childfree, checking in. W.C. Fields once said: "Children should not be seen or heard from. Ever again. " [i]Note to entitlement minded parents[/i]: The free ride is about to disappear folks. More and more people not only do not find your offspring cute or charming, but are coming to the realization that they are indeed subsidizing your reproductive choices, and we vote. :evil22:
  7. I was pretty young, but if I remember correctly, Carolyn may have even bought a dog from my mom, but that would have been in the late 1970's, or at least had correspondence with her. Our kennel name was Andromeda, but it has been a long time since I saw the name on any pedigrees. Deb and Steve I've known for many years- all my harnesses are Windigo too, and if I didn't have a dedicated harness eatter, all of mine would be intact too..... :-? Yeah, that Bug is quite the gal- very serious dog and and very expressive. She is out of some old Attla Alaskans, (Chris and Jarvi) and her brother , whom I also have, has been a super dog as well. She deserved a better musher than me! This is her brother Merlin- also a leader, but better at being a doofus. He acts more like his Mal mother... [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1653/0/094e2e719aee6574f5e1e35ecfb582f8.jpg[/img]
  8. Hi Jeffrey- Been reading your site for several years now, having first seen it on Sled Dog Central. I started mushing with Siberians back in the 70's- my mom raised them. I had one female with a Seppela backround that was a wonderful dog and left me with high expectations of what lead dogs are capable of. Thankfully I've been blessed with two "once in a lifetime leaders" -the second being a 75%/ 25% Alaskan- Malamute cross. We are nearing the retirement trail now, and have decided to do the Beargrease 150 this winter, as a reward to her for her 8 years of being a perfect lead dog. She deserves a better musher than I... This is "Bug": [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1653/0/d758859c2b5b6e17f383b37ce9f5f9a3.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1653/0/7cd6068350ecfce3584eefce70eb082c.jpg[/img]
  9. As far as I know, yes. There are even some dog foods formulated with 'roo. I'd eat it . The 'roo, not the dog food... :wink:
  10. I would say that is athropomorphizing the fish somewhat. Due to the nature of a fishes' brain, I don't think it has much choice about biting a bait that it's brain tells it is food. Same with salmon who swim up a river to spawn and then die. Their biology precludes them from having much of a choice about it.
  11. A bobcat? They are not very big animals, and they are very secretive. I live in an area where there are bobcats and I've [i]never[/i] seen one. Heard them, yes, but never seen them. Now bears..... that's a different story. Most bears in our area are either very scared of dogs or really hate them, because they are heavily hunted with dogs. Some bears will go after dogs but most won't. We have wolves and coyotes too, neither of which I would give a second thought, except to keepp little Cricket out of harms way. The only animals I've seen go after a dog are porcupines and raccoons.
  12. I cook allot of rice and barley for the dogs in the winter and I always save out a little bowl for myself- (of course that's before I dump in the eggs, fish oil and venison scraps... 8) I tried a new carob snack that i got for Cricket just last week- it looked like a tiny Andes mint....didn't taste like one tho. :o
  13. :puppydogeyes: I thought this was another one of those deep , philosophical religion threads. Whew.
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