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My dog eats kitty litter and dirt

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Guest Anonymous

My 7 week old doberman puppy just got back from a week in the vet with parvo,when we got him back he was nothing but skin and bones,we had to feed him a 5 pieces of puppy chow every hour and a half til' he got back into the swing of things,we would feed him and after that he would still act starved,when we would let him outside he would eat dirt and when we would let him in he would go and eat kitty litter,will he grow outta this stage when he starts eatting reg again? and will the kitty litter hurt him when he eats it?? we took the litter box away and put it in another room but he would do anything to get to it.

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My dog will eat the kitty litter too if we forget to pick it up.
Also my dog loves potting soil, she eats all the dirt out of our plants. Very annoying dirt everywhere.
I asked the vet about it and she didn't seem to think it was that bad (the dirt anyway) she doesn't recommend kitty litter.
My dog also deweeds our interlocking brick patio.
Dogs are strange!!!

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