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Parson russell terrier

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Anyone heard of this breed? It is apparently similar in appearance to a Jack Russell, and worth a s*itload of money (approx US$2500-3000). I ask because there was an article in the paper about one escaping, and still at large, from its box at the airport. Apart from that the article was not very informative.

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Thanks for clearing that up Mei-Mei! :)
The article said the "rare" dog was "similar in appearance" to a JRT, which is why I thought it was a different breed. It also said the dog was a champion from Sth Africa and valued at up to AUD $5000!? Here's the link:

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In Australia the Jack Russell and the Parsons Jack Russell are classified as two separate breeds. Both originated from England and while I don't know a lot about the Parsons I have seen some at shows. There are not as many being shown as the Jack Russells. I believe the Parsons were named after the breeder and the Jacks after their originator, Rev. Jack Russell of Devon in the 19th century. The Parsons I have seen are a leggier animal with perhaps a finer body. The height standard for the Parsons is - dogs 14ins, bitches 13ins. approx. The Jacks are between 10ins and 12ins. Hope this helps. There are a number of sites on the Web for Jacks but I couldn't find any for Parsons.

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Hi, Mei-Mei,
I did a quick search of recognized breeds of the American Kennel Club and the Kennel Club of United Kingdom and they both have only a listing for the 'Jack Russell'. Aussie has the two separate standards. I have no idea how this came about as we generally follow the English classification, so maybe there's someone who can enlighten us all on that! I have friends who are among the top Aussie breeders of JR's, so know a bit about them, have only seen Parsons at a few shows and as mentioned they are taller and finer, probably other differences, but that's the point that strikes me. Looked at a couple of Web sites for JR's in America and some of pics appear to be more like what we call the Parsons over here, taller and finer. Trying to recall the the Parsons here, I'm not sure if the tail might be longer, could be completely wrong on that, couldn't find any sites in Aussie for the Parsons. Baylock Kennels, the JR friends here, Web site is www4.tpgi.com.au/users/rgh
well, anyway, that's what I've got written down, except it seems a bit long, maybe it's wrong, knowing my expertise on this thing it probably is :oops: but worth a try!
So you weren't wrong, it was just us Aussies confusing the issue :P

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