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  1. I think cropping tails is ok,but definitely not ears.On Boxers,their floppy ears keep out flies,from getting inside their ears,thats the purpose of those ears i guess,and that goes for other breeds too. :-?
  2. [quote name='Caitlin']Guess Im lucky, our two girls have their own "spot" in the garden to go to and always go to the same place. Grass/garden - you have grass in your garden with two Boxers? :lol: Mine is slowly but surely becoming one earthy muddy mess........... :o Caitlin[/quote] :) Yes,the grass really does look great,maybe its all that Boxer poo fertilizing it!!!!! I cannot mow when they are outside,they both bite the wheels of the push mower,and carry on like clowns.Do your two Boxers clown around a lot,do they dig holes? Mine stoped diging holes,so thats one thing to be grateful for Cheers,Steve :)
  3. :oops: Help doggie lovers!! I have just got my backyard lawn looking absolutely fantastic,all set for bar b q season,but my 2 beloved Boxers still insist on doing their poop right in the middle of it! And two Boxers make a lot of poop!I hose it away,or carry is away on a shovel,but they keep right on at it>Any ideas how i can persuade them to do it in the corner of the yard,where i have prepared a nice little area for this purpose??Probably many dogs do this,how do i stop them!?! :drinking: Cheers,Steve.
  4. My two Boxers generally like everybody,but they are wary of strangers on our front porch.Woe betide a hawker,door to door salespeople,or a Jehova witness knocking!!- they jump up,and start that WOO WOO WOO loud barking,they are pretty terroritorial i think. :wink: :) Cheers,Steve.
  5. [quote name='Ravyn']:) The only time Sadie drools is when she's either been running around outside and has gotten overly excited, or when she smells food she wants. And then, open the floodgates! :) I think some lady at Petsmart thought I was crazy last night. I saw her walking to the doors to leave as I came in, leading a small boxer. I asked if I could see her dog and I bet she regrets saying yes! I plopped myself donw on the ground and next thing I know, I had a lap full of boxer and was getting those wonderful boxer kisses! She was such a doll! A six month old brindle who looked fawn at first, save a few faint stripes along her back. I finally reluctantly had to let the lady leave, but she was smiling at least, so hopefully she understood my mania :) Yup, I'm a true boxer stalker[/quote] :D When Shannon gave birth,4 years ago,we had 9 tiny baby Boxers running around the house,it was chaos,but very funny and interesting.I had to build a corral in the family room,when they all came into the lounge at the same time,it was like the charge of the 7th cavarly,Boxers everywhere,licking us constantly.It was a wonderful experience,and i would not swap it for anything.We were sad when each one was sold,but we kept the most beautiful,which was my precios Rubin.Rube loves his mum,and she loves him,but they do get jealous of each other at times!!When they come inside,and i am doing a Homer Simpson on the couch(all guys do it!!!) they lick me nonstop,and sometimes spill my beer,but they are the best dogs on the planet,yes,i will always have a Boxer in my life! Cheeers, Steve.
  6. [quote name='Ravyn']I have a boxer and I must say, YES! They are big goofballs. She's always being so silly, but when she gets it in her head to do something she's as stubborn as all get out trying to get her to stop. For example, she loves to lay and peek out of the sliding glass door blinds, and when she sees a cat, dog, or someone she wants to be friends with go by, she LEAPS up, almost hitting the ceiling (she seriously can jump this high), and starts tiggering up and down madly until I go over and stop her. Drives me nuts, mostly because her hitting the blinds as she leaps upward scares the bejesus out of me if I'm not paying attention. They are fabulous dogs. I love their personalities, their endless love of life, their whole-hearted attitude at which they tackle ANYTHING they do, and yes...even their stubbornness. It keeps me learning and growing as well. :D Icould not agree more with you,and your beloved Boxer is the dead ringer of my Rubin,Rube is 4 and a boy.And don't you just love it when they drool for food at an outdoor bar b q,bloody drool everywhere!!!!! Cheers,Steve. I will ALWAYS have at least one boxer. I can't imagine myself without a pair of those squishy jowls now.[/quote]
  7. I dont own a pitbull,but i thought this might interest those that do.Here in Victoria,Australia,our State Premier(Governor)wants american pitbulls banned and made illegal to buy.He(Steve Bracks)reckons they are very dangerous dogs,not suitable pets,and his government has legislation drawn up to ban them.Other Australian states may follow suit.The RSPCA also wants them outlawed.Pitbulls have caused a number of maulings here,but i blame their owners,who let them run loose.Ireckon there is no such thing as a bad dog,just bad owners,totlally irresponsible types.Needless to say,our Pitbull Association is fighting this tooth and nail,but they are up against it,the government is determined to ban them.Any thoughts on this fellow doggie lovers? Cheers,Steve.
  8. Thoughts and best wishes from Downunder for Cheech,i really hope it all works out for all of you,take care, Steve.
  9. :-? Also,i would not touch those snail pellets,that are supposedly allright to leave out side,and are not harmful to pets,cats or dogs(so they say).On the box,it says it has a bitter taste dogs dont like,but it still says it can cause problems,i would not touch them,and i advise all dog owners not too,also.A saucer of beer kills snails pretty well, i find. Cheers,Steve.
  10. :-? As the owner of 2 Boxers,i was wondering if other Boxer owners(or any breed for that matter)could advise me if my Boxers have the same traits as theirs.Mine love to clown around,they are loveable,but at times frustrating.Take gardening for instance!I cannot use the hand push along mower,because they are obsessed with wheels,and they try to bite them all the time.When i hose,they love water,and they want to attack the nozzle of the hose constantly.I cannot dig,they jump in the hole,and if i try to churn the earth,they bite the spade!When i do garden,they must now stay inside,and they glare out the windows.They sigh and breath heavily when they sit,and they love to lick us a lot,when we leave the room they follow us everywhere.They love kids,but if a stranger knocks,all hell breaks loose,with that WOO WOO WOO barking.The other day,a Jehova witness bolted off the porch,and hawkers beware!Shannon and Rubin are wonderful dogs though,and i would not change them for the world.Looks like they are forever puppies,which is why my daughter gave me a T shirt with a Boxer on it,and underneath the caption "FOREVER YOUNG",and fairdinkum,they are always young!!Cheers,Steve. :D
  11. :D Thanks guys,thankyou very much for all your advice,it was very nice of all of you.This really is a friendly site isnt it,wish i had discovered it ages ago.Ravyn,your Boxer is the dead ringer of my Rubin,his mum Shannon,is the more conventional white faced type Boxer.She had 9 puppies,and we kept Rubin.For 6 weeks we had 9 little Boxers running around the house,it was chaos,but loads of fun.I turned the family room into a corral,we were sad to part with 8 of them.Coalsky,thanks for all your advice,you sure know a lot about dogs,actually Coal looks a lot like my daughters dog,Zoe,who is a loveable ratbag,who loves to stir Rubin up when they play in the park with Shannon. Thanks again guys,and i will try all your advice!! Cheers,Steve. :bday:
  12. :-?My beloved Boxer dog Rubin is a typical Boxer pup,boisterous,happy,loving and loyal,but he has a bad habit of sometimes pulling on the lead,when we have our daily walk.He does this if he is wary of strangers,and it can be annoying,as he is very strong,and nearly pulls me over.I tell him off,but to no avail.Has anyone any ideas how i can stop him from doing this please? Cheers,Steve. :lol:
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