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  1. ipana tulee sitten kohta kotiin! onnea! meille tuli perheenlis
  2. Angelboddy: the little one is a boy :) Mei-Mei: no more pics you say, hmm? :o I just got started! kisses on the nosey-noses? I think i can do that! ps. [url]http://www.heinola.org/~speissi/pentulot3/[/url]
  3. saavi is doing great! she's the best mommy there is. she doesnt leave the little ones without care for more than a pee-break. she eats well, lets us handle the babies, and one of them now has a home for sure. Aonir: actually I was bitten by a dog, who was fighting with another dog, and I tried to seperate them (stupid me.... :roll: ) - I had to take an ambulance to the hospital and had 10 stitches, but the arms are better now (this was like last spring)
  4. okay, guest, maybe I overreacted to your question (it can happen if you have only had 2 hours of sleep ;) ). I think of myself as a responsible breeder, I do not mean to make money with these litlle things, and I surely make sure they'll end up in the best homes possible. and once the pups are on their new homes, i'll get saavi snipped so she will not have babies ever again. ps. pics of the birth last night and some I took some minutes ago: [url]http://www.heinola.org/~speissi/pentulot2/[/url] 8)
  5. [quote name='Anonymous']Remember,you should don,t breed dogs without pedigree Don,t let mate her for health,it is foolish thinking There are a lot unwanted dogs breeding only for money[/quote] and you should be brave enough to write with your own nick. my dog is in great shape, and was able to give birth to her babies without any help - unlike most other breeds. you think it's totally okay to breed for example english bulldogs who hardly ever can give birth normally, just because they have a fecking pedigree? does that bloody piece of paper justify risking mom's and pupppies' lifes? and I DO NOT breed for fuck*ng money okay? I think I made it clear in my earlier posts that these litter is a mistake! I have bred one litter once more and I can tell you I lost twice the money I got from the puppies! get a life and f*ck off, okay? and for the rest of you, pics here: [url]http://www.heinola.org/~speissi/pentulot/[/url]
  6. last night, my sibe saavi had her puppies. we now have a nice litter of 6 tiny ones. one was born dead :( but the live ones seem to do well! there are two girls and four boys, 3 black/white ones and 3 grey ones. I'll post pictures later.
  7. no pups yet, but OMG her belly, it looks like she has swallowed a balloon :jumpie: - she can hardly get on the bed without help! I'll keep you posted as soon as the little ones arrive!
  8. [quote name='ellieangel']Do you know approximately how many she has in there ?[/quote] the vet said app. 5-6 so I'd say at least 5 :):):)
  9. [quote name='Rowie-the-Pooh'] -Cropping for all puppies if needed. Docking too. [/quote] sorry to say this, but as cropping and docking are illegal in finland - it's sick to mutilate innocent puppies :(
  10. crested: no, ennenkin pentuja kasvattaneena odotan riemulla sit
  11. the body temperature is a good way of knowing when she's about to go in labour. when the temp goes as low as under 37 celsius degrees (normal: 38 and up), the labour will start within 6 -12 hours. other signs are that the bitch doesnt want to eat and is restless. like i told in my tread, my girl is on her 8th week now and she is totally HUGE. her nipples are swolled and red, her belly is like a balloon. this seems like a good one: [url]http://www.petbitsforyou.com/labour.html[/url]
  12. [quote name='Rowie-the-Pooh']When are they due? :) She looks so cute with the belly! How many weeks pregnant is she?Or has she just become pregnant? DETAILS! :lol:[/quote] she's 8th week pregnant now, so, we should have puppies next week :D
  13. [quote name='ellieangel']Do you think she knows yet that she is going to be a mummy ?[/quote] I'd say so :D She's a bit confused with her state, which is totally understandable. She's also being a real sweetheart, wants to be held all the time - and hogging all the food she can (I feed her 4 times a day - twice home-made food with vitamis + minerals etc and twice quality puppy food) Here's a pic of saavi and her belly :) [img]http://www.heinola.org/~speissi/masusaavi.jpg[/img]
  14. Yesterday we took my siberian Saavi to the vet for an ultrasound, and yes, there are AT LEAST 5 puppies on their way! And the proud daddy-to-be: Riska, of course :mdrmed: This was bit of a suprise, because I didnt really mean to breed these two just yet (I wanted to test Riska's working skills first), but now as the pups are on their way, they are :mdrmed: I just HAD to tell this to someone, or I'll burst! I'll get to smell babypup bellies, I'll get to smell the milk-breath, I'll get to hear the sleepy babypup sounds (not to mention I'll have to say goodbye to the full night's sleep, all my money and most of the furniture... but I'm still exited!!!) here are pics of the mom and dad: [img]http://www.heinola.org/~speissi/kuvia/pose6.jpg[/img] mom, saavi [img]http://www.heinola.org/~speissi/kuvia/pose9.jpg[/img] dad, riska
  15. I make liverbits for my dogs sometimes. you boil the liver for about an hour, then slice it into tiny pieces and put in the oven (temp. about 50 celsius is the best) and keep them there until they are dark brown and dry. my dogs just LOVE them.
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