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  1. we only buy from breeders now. I would like to rescue a dog some day when we get a bigger house and more land.

    I am in school now for Animal Science and would like to work with dogs, so maybe i'll be a foster mom in the future.

  2. my family had a impulse buy once from a pet store and we ended up giving her away to a another family.

    What do they do with the ones they don't sell? You could have saved her from the pound (if thats what they dog).

  3. I guess when people see the word "sale" they go crazy.

    The Weim there had white on her too so she's not show quality. Mine is show quality (the breeder wants to show her) and I paid half the price.

    Always looking for bargins I guess.

  4. There are 2 kittens and if Colby has a treat they will eat the stuff that falls out of her mouth.

    They play all day, basically it's Colby pinning then to the ground and pulling their tails. She's pretty play agressive, but they come back for more. SHe sleeps very good at night.

    Thanks for posting that for me :D

  5. We were walking in our local mall and they had a sign on the petstore door that said "puppy sale".

    How can you have a puppy sale?! I saw a beautiful Weimeraner in there for $2999 can and also a Bernese for $3000 can.
    Why do people pay these prices? A good breeder will sell you a better, healtier puppy for less. People are fools.

    There was a couple there looking for a dog so I gave her the website [url]www.petfinder.org[/url] to look at, they are rescue dogs from some shelters in Canada. They also have a advertised section for the US, if anyone is interested.

  6. Good idea. I've heard people say get a puppy gate and when she starts biting put her on the other side of the gate and ignore her. I thought that might start her barking. SHe hates to be alone.

    I am going to try the ice thing tonight. Thanks.

  7. My dog will eat the kitty litter too if we forget to pick it up.
    Also my dog loves potting soil, she eats all the dirt out of our plants. Very annoying dirt everywhere.
    I asked the vet about it and she didn't seem to think it was that bad (the dirt anyway) she doesn't recommend kitty litter.
    My dog also deweeds our interlocking brick patio.
    Dogs are strange!!!

  8. SHe has already taken over our love seat. She takes this flying leap and she's too short right now and completely misses it.
    Its funny to watch. I just want her to be with me when i'm home from work and at night. Much better then my boyfriend - no fighting for covers!

  9. How did you get him to like water. Right now she backs away from it.
    SHe does watch my parents dog and she tried to bite him while he was swimming and she fell in.

    I was thinking I might have to go in and get her to slowly come to me.

  10. How long do you crate train your puppy? She sleeps most of the night and she tells us when she has to go. She stays in a crate for just the morning.

    When is it o.k. to let her sleep in the bed with us at night?

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