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  1. I called her vet and they said to keep an eye on it. They don't think it could be lack of iron or vitamins because of the food she is eating.
    They said to just reinforce that it shouldn't be eaten and hope she grows out of it.

  2. At our ski chalet in Ellicotville we have 10 acres and our neighbour has close to 20 acres, so we are not that close but their male unnutered dog comes over all the time and pees on everything. I couldn't count how many times we have returned him. Its a good thing all our dogs are spayed.
    They keep him outside all day and night so when he isn't over peeing on everything he's barking. Pretty sad to see a dog left outside all the time, when does he get hugs and kisses?

  3. I really like my vet, she's young and I think she's fresh out of school. SHe is great with Colby. There are 6 other vets in the office too that could help her if she needed it but so far she's been the best one.
    I am in school taking Animal Science and she sometimes helps me with my homework questions :D

  4. Is he still available? I might know someone here in Toronto.
    Please let me know ASAP and I might be able to help. I look for dogs all the time for my friends and family. My boss just adopted a Great dane mixed with a mastiff that I found for him.

    I'll do my best to look for a home.

  5. I'll try feeding her later in the day.

    Rowie I have some pictures on the Everything about dogs titled Pictures of Colby.

    Someone else posted them for me.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. I am worried about how much Colby is eating. I feed her at 6am every morning and by the time we leave the house there is still more then half in the bowl. I give her 1 hour to eat all her food and she doesn't.
    She eats most of her dinner because she has had no breakfast.
    Also she bites herself alot, does that mean she doesn't like her food?
    I am feeding her Pro Plan puppy food for large breeds.

    What should I do????

  7. I am a member in another site called Weimaraner Lovers and they have a contest called "Weimeraner of the month" and Colby won.

    I am such a proud mom :laola:

    My 11 week old star.
    Here is the web address if you want to check it out: [url]http://groups.msn.com/WeimeranerLovers/_whatsnew.msnw[/url]

  8. Should I be putting a time on when Colby eats?
    I don't think she likes her food. How can I tell? She has a vet appointment on friday but i'm worried the vet will say that I should buy their brand of food.
    We feed her Pro Plan and the vet sells Science Diet.

  9. Colby is the same way. She either wants me to feed her by hand or put a handful on the floor and she will eat it out of there.

    We bought her very nice and expensive stainless steel bowls and she hates them. I tried something new this morning and put down old tupperware plastic container and she loves it.
    I also think she doesn't like her food because it takes her 3 hours to eat her breakfast.

    Would that mean she doesn't like her food?

  10. Colby started Puppy classes and puppy social about 2 weeks ago.

    Can dogs get "brain fried" (thats what they called it) after class?

    I have had to carry Colby out of the class because she gets really hyper at the end. She's very good in class but once its done shes crazy.
    She was also advanced to the older dogs (15 weeks old), so my little baby is moving up.

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that.

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