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  1. Poor babies. I can relate, we were at the vets yesterday for 1 1/2 hours as they analized all the samples I brought. The bill is enogh to drive you to :drinking: . I swear they must be charging by the hour!

  2. Thanks everyone.
    The medication has already stopped the bleeding Colon from those nasty rocks so I can't say she's feeling better since she never seemed like she was in pain. It looked painful to me so I did the panic attack.

  3. Everything with Colby is good, thanks everyone.
    She has a minor UTI which I caught at the very early stages. She does have a upset Colon from the rocks.
    All the drugs and examination cost me $250. :o
    But she is worth it, now I just need sleep :sleeping:

  4. Colby and I have to go to the vet this afternoon. Not only for her possible UTI but for blood in her feces. She must have been eating pebbles at our baseball game and had some problems relieving them. She had 4 come out at one time. She has normal appetite and energy level, doesn't seem to be bothering her - no pain but she had me up every hour since 3am. Poor girl. I hope she doesn't need x-rays and everything is o.k. I was a complete basket case this morning.

    Wish me luck.

  5. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QgAMA*ATZp*HgT9nRU!1fQUMfyaju!zvOxy399tFGyGGamboE8ZtFnndQNFqgldy8G6l722rlldcizpqiPMRhrKJ8kefOJIJVKRTRYoEGBo/Relaxing.jpg?dc=4675432297416770248[/img]

    It worked. I learned something new today. Thanks Guys :D

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