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  1. We were waiting to get her from the breeder. I always have to be prepaered so I had to have a name and tag all ready for her.

    It was almost going to have to be "Reward" on the tag but I wouldn't let that happen. My boyfroend and I couldn't agree on a name so I fainally put my foot down and picked Colby.

  2. I have tons of names for you since it took us 3 months to name our dog.

    Here was half my list:

    and Holly

    Good Luck hope part of my list works. I also went to the library and got books.

  3. I don't know where I came up with her name. It is Colby. I didn't know there was Colby cheese (I can't eat cheese!) So that's not where I got it.
    She really suits her name.

    We had Molson Golden - Colour and dad's favorite beer growing up
    Bailey - pure white Golen, for Baileys Irish Cream
    and now we have Jake another Golden and I have no idea where that came from. Everone calls him Jake the snake.

  4. We are actually also trying to teach her to swim. My parents put a pool in for their dog and we want her to swim have fun and get tired.
    We try to get the Golen to growl and we were happy he did last night.

    Thanks for the advice and I will try to help my parents dog too. One good thing is that she is an amazing cuddler!! :D

  5. Shes 10 weeks, purebred Weimeraner.
    She just bites no growling or barking. She doesn't jump up on people. The 9 year old dog just moves out of the way and looks at us for help. Last night he finally growled but thats not like him he's really calm.
    We've tried some "no bite" techniques but she's just excited.
    We took her to Puppy Social and they said she's just play aggressive.
    She also has not barked yet.

  6. I would do anything for my parents dog he's amazing and when I get my puppy on Sunday it will be the same.

    I have a freind with a 8 year old Great Dane and they were out walking after we had a really bad ice storm (we live in Canada) and the dog Henry started to slip and couldn't stand up and he started to slip backwards down a 50 foot embankment, my friend grabed his paws but the weight of Henry pulled him down too.
    My friend only suffered cuts and bruises but Henry the dog broke his back and ribs. He had a $8000 surgury and 30 metal plates put in his back.

    The good news is Henry is recovering very nicly and the vet said he has neverseen a dog heal as well as he has from a fall like that. A local bar held a fundraiser for the surgury.

    Sorry if this was depressing.

  7. We finally have a name we both agree on. Our Weimeraner is going to be named Hailee.

    I chose to spell it differently since the name isn't as unique as I wated it to be but it will be like a Hailee's Comet.

    Thanks for your help everyone! :klacz:

  8. Its supposed to be some kind of training leash, so they will walk better with you.
    I will try it but not for a while. I just bought a new leash and collar from a smaller pet store, she explained everything to me aswell. Thanks for your help. She pretty much said everything you did. I got a nice design too, it looks like waves.

  9. The leash is "heavy duty" nylon (as is says on the tag). I think we will need one for her puppy days because this one is very thick and wide.
    It sounds like the one I bought will be used later.
    It has a loop that is closer to the metal clip. I think it's 6 feet long, will I be using that kind in puppy school?

  10. I suggested Sterling but my boyfriend didn't like it.

    He likes Siren and Ripley now but I am sure that will change. I wanted to name her Silvey but I met my new neighbour and as it turns out thats her name.

  11. This maybe a silly question but when I go and pick up my puppy what size leash should I have and what weight?

    We went to a pet store last night and we bought a lease that I felt was too heavy. The buckle itself I thought was big and heavy. I was told it was a training leash.

    Any Ideas? :oops:

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