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  1. Can I mix a chopped up steak and chicken with her kibble?

    I keep hearing how meat is good for the dogs but I still have a 40lb bag of kibble to have eaten and I was wondering if you could mix the two.

    If its o.k. to do that should the meat be cooked first?

  2. I am feeding Colby kibble now and she doesn't seem to like it that much can I add anything to it, like steak or chicken to get her interested in her food? I have a whole 40lb bag left and after it's done I would like to start her on a BARF diet.

    If I can add the meat should I cook it first?

  3. I am happy to hear good things about Halti's. Thanks for posting this. I bought one for Colby but felt bad putting it on her. Hearing that everything went well for you makes it easier for me to try it.

    Thanks :D

  4. I can hardly see what I am typing, my eyes are full of tears.
    I am sorry you had to see that room. Poor puppy, all they want out of life is for someone to love them and JERKS mess it all up.

    You did the right thing and I'm glad you didn't get hurt. :cry:

  5. I would vote for Rio as Mutt of the month.

    Can Colby have her own month??? PLEASE


  6. I have no opinion on this, I just want to say that if you do decide to Roxy down, it looks like you tried your best and tried to give her a better life.
    You should be commended for your efforts and I am sorry it is not working out for Roxy :(

  7. Sometimes I think the world would be better if there were more dogs then people!!

    Just going to rant for a second....

    A neighbour that I have never talked to came over today to give me information on Weims because he thinks I should read into what "kind" of dog we have. He had one years and years ago (So he told me) it he was a disaster. This man has never even talked or gave Colby a pat on the head. He just sits accross the street smokes about 2 packs a day and watches everything.
    His Wife died last year and maybe he has too much time on his hands and he's lonely, but does this have to be our first conversation???

    I'm sorry but I think any breed is a good breed with the proper socialization and training, Bad experience or not. I was going to ask how well his was trained and socialized but I didn't want to get into it.

    It just makes me mad :x

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