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  1. Her gums are a dark shade of pink and her food is Hills perscription p/d Large breed. I bought it from the vet. Before she was eating Purina Pro Plan, she didn't like that so we switch to the vets food.

    Do you sell Hills at your vet?

  2. I don't know if I would leave the radio on because with all the talking i'd be worried she would think I was doing something in the other room and she is stuck in her crate.

    I love the Animal Planet!!

  3. When you have to leave your dog alone, do you play music or the radio?

    I play Simon and Garfunkle's greatest hits for Colby (thats all my parents had laying around) on repeat. That could be why shes always sleeping when I come home!

    Looking for some good music ideas.

  4. I love the Newfie and the St. Bernard. Not sure about the Atika, I hear they are for experienced owners (if that means anything). What do they judge experience on?

    I have always had Golden Retrievers because they are so gentle and loving I will always suggest them.
    I have a weimeraner, she is very smart, loving and my little velvet angel. I was told weims were for experience only too but you go with your heart.

    I say go with you heart, gut or whatever leads you to decisions. Personally I feel when you pick a dog you pick a soul mate, you pick the only true friend that will be with through anything.

    Good luck and everyone here will help, I ask for advise all the time and I am never let down. :D

  5. I went to the local pet store to get her some kind of chew toy for her crate and they have open bins of treats.....................
    You can imagine my disaster........... The bins are too close to the floor and Colby alot. It wasn't the fact that I wasn't watching her but I was looking at vitamins and shampoo. They shouldn't have open bins on the floor, anyway long story short they guessed she ate about $15 worth.

    Good thing I went before dinner :P (just kidding)

  6. It's true I am house sitting in a zoo! There are 2 kittens that they thought were both girls - turns out 1 is a boy and they fight all day.
    Colby likes to pull them around by their tails and chase them all over.
    Then we go to the ultimate in Groughy Dogs.... Shes a 13 year old Doberman mixed with a Lab. Hates Colby and eats all the cats food.
    The cats in return eat the dogs food.

    Anyone want to come to the ZOO?????? :drinka: (thats me in about 5 mins as I watch another cat getting dragged across the room.) At least its not rocks or pebbles.....

  7. What a beautiful dog. I like the name Hayley, Holly, Thaia and Mercy.

    I think Mercy would be good because you have given her a second chance finding her. I'm not really good at naming dogs, I just found out Colby was a type of cheese. I wouldn't have known that (I'm lactose intolerent) and I also don't care. The name suits her even if it means a type of cheese.

    People always ask "like the cheese?".

    What is her personality like?

  8. Interesting... so it would sound like Veimeraner but spelled with a W.
    I ran into a German couple last night at the park and thats how they said it, I wondered how they would pronounce it. It's nice to hear the original name before it got North Americanized like most words.

    They said they hardly see the Weims in Germany.

  9. I am going to try the bitter apple suggetion. We tried this stuff called Fooie (i think i spelled that wrong) supposed to be the "Bitterest Stuff on Earth" and she loved it. I called the company to say it didn't work and they had me try it. Tasted like water, I hope Bitter Apple works.

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