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  1. :agrue: i agree with them. as a licensed emt one of the first things we are told is scene safety first. if i felt i was threatened i wouldent have gone in. why didnt you put the dogs in the garage or back yard. thats youre fault, not there. they have to look out for there own personal safety first.
  2. i tried state farm and there prices were really high. the only company that doesent care what breed you have is USAA, as long as they havent bitten any body. most agencies will not insure you if you have a pitbull, rottweiler, dobe, akita, bulldog, or chow and german shepards. state farm said they would insure me as long as they could walk through the yard and inspect without the dog showing any aggression. ive decided to go with usaa
  3. can any reffer any home owners insurance companys who do not stereo type dobes or hold it against you. are there any dog friendly insurance agencies.
  4. i took my dog to the vet saturday. she said its probably just a strain.
  5. ok thanks, i wasent sure if this is normal. shes nice to them, she just has no intrest
  6. i was initially feeding my pup pedigree puppy food until my vet said it wasent very goood. i was misinformed and under the impression that pedigre was a good food, because of all the comercials and the popularity of it. the vet said the reason my dobe had dirhea and would eat grass and throw up was because the pedigree upset her stomach. could you all enlighten me on what to look for in a good food. another thing ive noticed is the wide variance in cost of the dog foods. ive seen how some bags of eukanuba cost forty dollars. is it best to buy the most expensive brands, are they really that good or are you jst paying for the name.
  7. i just got back from puppy class with my four month old female dobe. when i put her down to play with the other puppis i noticed that she was more intrested in playing with the chew toys then playing with the other puppies. i also noticed that she is a lot more calm and mellow then the other puppies which consists of a pit bull, 2 german shepards, a lab. sheltie, boxer, and brindel. theother puppies were alot more hyper and were all over the place while mine just played with the chew toys. i talked to the trainer after the class and she told that this is normal behavior of a dobe. she said that dobes are very reserved when it comes to playing with other dogs and this is normal for their breed. are there any other dobe owners who agree with this. she didnt seem scared or shy to play, she was just more intrested in laying down and playing with the chew toys.
  8. the breeder i bought my dobe said not to get her ears cropped until she was at least 12 weeks, but now she is 4 months. is it to late to crop her ears. and how much should it typically cost. im around a millitary base so i believe the pricees are a bit over priced over here. the prices range any where from 230 to 480. how much does it normally cost from youre personal experience :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :drinking:
  9. thanks for the responses. i've noticed that the limp is worst when she first wakes and not so much when shes running and playing. is there still a chance of her having a fracture if shes running and playing with no signs of distress? im thinking it might just be a bruise or sprain
  10. :( :( i have a 4 month old dobe who has been limping for a week. she jumped out of my truck when i opened the door a week ago and has since been limping. im hoping that its just a sprain, but im really concerned that it may be signs of hip displayshia. ive read that its very common in dobermans. is it common for dobermans to show signs and symptoms at 4 months old. the limp is in her right front leg :( :( :( :(
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