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Pls. Help! My Samoyed dog is growling at my 4yr. old daughter?

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Hi there, I hope somebody can help me here to find out why my 1 1/2 old Samoyed is growling at my 4yr. old daughter.

I had him as a little pup, and I went for this breed as it was described as "Kids Crazy" everywhere you read and look you'll see that Samoyeds supposed to be very loving and extremely good with kids.

YES he is, he's absolutely adorable and we love him to bits, he's been fine with any one of our family, but recently he started growling at my daughter when she goes to touch him or stroke him.

The weird thing is that he doesn't growl at anybody else, but her and sometimes is really bad as is like going to bite her?...

We've tried many things like let our daughter feed him from her hand, than let him and her to seat next to us on the sofa, and sometimes is fine, but OMG when he growl at her is so scary.

Most people say it's jealousy, but I am sure it's not that. I am on about to get him a friend a little female puppy another Samoyed and I hope this can change things and really hope will not be worse.

Yes, my daughter smacked him few times in the past as he never stops jumping onto her and everybody. Of course we told her off for doing that, but it happens few times, we're aware to watch her near him.

He was growling at her at some point few months ago then he stop, but now he started again...?


Thanks for you time!

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