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New Reality Show on ANIMAL PLANET Based on Dog Grooming! MUST SEE THIS!! :-o

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Hi All,

We are excited to announce our newest show over here at Animal Planet to all the dog groomers and dog grooming enthusiasts of the world....finally a show that highlights, pokes fun at and documents the lives of dog groomers.

Bravo has done Top Chef, Top Design, Top Hairdresser, etc etc...we thought it was time to bring America's attention to the world of dog grooming and we did it in style by bringing in Queer Eye For the Straight Guy's JAI RODRIGUEZ as our host!

The show is going to air on Animal Planet SATURDAY, APRIL 12th @ 9PM E/T.

We hope you can all tune in...but in the meantime, here are some clips to show you what's in store....

[URL="http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?107308"]YouTube - 30 Second Promo for Saturday's Premier[/URL]
[URL="http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?107310"]YouTube - 3 Minute Trailer for the upcoming Season[/URL]
[URL="http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?107312"]YouTube - 2 Minute Teaser - The First Elimination Challenge[/URL]
[URL="http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?107314"]YouTube - 2 Minute Teaser - Amber's Pink Dog[/URL]


To learn more, you can visit the show's website here:

The site features blogs for the contestants and judges, sneak peeks and other exclusive content as seen below:

We would LOVE to hear your feedback and commentary on the concept of this show. If we missed the mark, let us know so we can improve the show to better connect with what the grooming enthusiast would like to see!

Thanks again,
The Folks @ Animal Planet

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is no one looking forward to this show?

we were hoping to hear some feedback from you guys (good or bad) and spark a discussion, rather than just post an announcement. This is Animal Planet's first attempt at a 'reality' show so we'd like to get an idea of what real groomers think. We have gotten some great feedback from Groomer to Groomer so far, where we found that a lot of people felt that the show could be seen as slightly mocking the industry. But then on the Pet Groomer forums we found overwhelmingly positive responses from another group of people who are also in the industry.

We'd love to know what you think and we'll be at Intergroom 2008 in person so please come say 'hi' if you'll be attending! :smile:

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Aw, ok...well I'll keep posting the youtube clips as they become available here...just in case anyone wants a free peek at what the show will be like before they decide whether or not to catch the premier next Sat!

If you guys have any questions, comments or feedback about any aspect of the show....please feel free to post it here, email me or send me a PM!

Thanks guys.....

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I can't wait to see the premier of Groomer Has It. I have watched all the trailers and it looks like it is going to be great. Most people have no concept of how difficult our business can be, however, it is the most rewarding and fun I have ever had working. Go Lisa! She is from my hometown.:lol:

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Yes. It is too bad about Lisa. I've never met her, but you know you've gotta have hometown pride. :laola:

I thought the show was great. It has alot of really fun characters in it that should make for some fireworks. Us groomers are alittle nuts to begin with, but nothing beats helping a pet look and feel great and then, of course, there is the puppy kisses.

Dogs are the best people I know. :fadein:

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Check out our newest interactive - Pimp your pooch!

Visit Animal Planet's website to play, or email me directly as I cannot post links...thanks!



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