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Great Pyr added to my home?

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I have a german shepherd dog named Christobel. Christobel loves me more than anything in this world, except maybe food. She has seperation anxiety issues and a great working drive. She is scared of other dogs, and this is where I run into trouble--my neighbors moved away and left Sissy, a great pyrenees. A fantastic pyrenees, actually. Sissy loves me too, and they both have food issues, and Sissy beat Christo up in a fight over food. Christo is terrified of Sissy now, and I keep her outside, but Christo looks both ways and tip toes around her and just basicly acts scared to death of her, but is convinced Sissy will hurt me too (she won't, she has no people aggression, even over her food) and it causes them to fight. What is the smoothest way to move sissy to being an inside dog like christo and my other two (who are way, way, smaller than sissy and are also afraid of her)?

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