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What could be wrong with my Puppy?

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We have a 3 and a half month old Border Collie Puppy and resently he had became ill... He suffered from runny eyes, loss of apoteite, he had white gums and he was weak... After having the formentioned symptoms for a few days we noticed conjured blood in his nose. The next day he was on his way back to his old bouncey happy self. Despite the fact that he has lost a bit of weight he now seems happy enough and most of the symptoms have gone. They only one that has remained are his gunky eyes. Yesterday i also noticed that he pussy festery pimple looking things on his belly.
Despite the fact that he is now happy and active enough i am quiet worried about what could be causing this problem.. Any ideas????

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Even thought he is happy and no more symptoms i would still recommend to take him in to be checked out. maybe run some blood work... is he current on his vaccines?

It dosent hurt to take him in, at least you will feel better about knowing hes okay.

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