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my wolfdog is low content..but act like a wolf..


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something i hear all the time.... good breeders dont let those go to new wolfdog owners... bad breeders frankly could care less..they just want the $$$

so how does this happen? lets look at the real picture for a second, using ths simplest mating scenario.

you have a wolf _____ (pure..)
and you have a dog (all dog).

they mate.

you now have a "50%" wolfdog. (we in the wolfdog community dont normally go by percent...because its impossible to tell as the breeding goes on...we go by "low content, mid content, high mid content, and high content")

physically, the pups will be born and look almost all alike... a "wolfdog".

but what about genetics?...

simple: lets say.......you take a bowl full of black marbles.. thats the wolf in this breeding.

and a bowl full of red marbles, thats the dog in this breeding.

they mate. so pour the bowl of black marbles and bowl of red marbles in one bowl... these are the genes of the two animals.

4 pups are born. reach in...and take 4 equal handfuls of marbles out the bowl and place them in separate bowls...

bowl 1 may have 30% black marbles and 70% red
bowl 2 may have 80% black marbles and 20% red
bowl 3 .....bowl 4.......

you get the idea.... the pups personalities could be totally different..one acting like a high content wolfdog and another acting like a pure dog......

responsible breeders evaluate the pups personalities before selling them to the right folks... responsible breeders know how to read their animals.


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