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My Siberian Husky is sick?

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My Siberian Husky is a 2 month old female. I just bought this Husky from a dog store 2 days ago. It was fine yesterday, but now after all the exercising and walking she seems tired. She has a runny nose and when I tried talking her out to the door, she just went back to bed. I am worried, can anyone suggest any ideas? Btw.. I called a emergency vet and they said that its fine, but any suggestions???:lookaround:

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She should be old enough for lots of exersize but if she was not use to exersize she could of got over heated. My advice is to Walk her shorter distances and work up to longer distances. If she is use to long walks and still acts tyred watch her body heat and bring a bottol of water with you if you have not before.:smile: Hope that helps a little.

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