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New dog owner (husky) with a few questions.


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We will be getting our first dog a male Husky in about 4 weeks. He was 4 weeks old this past weekend.

I'm currently doing a lot of homework and preparation for the puppy and one of my concern is obedience school. How doesn one pick a good school ? I've called a few places today and they all seem to give me different information, so this is very confusing on who's wrong and who's right.

If anyone can give us a few pointers on how to select a good school it would be appreciated.


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I'm sorry if this is a little late (I just joined the forums here), but I would just advise doing some research beforehand, calling the schools in your areas and asking questions about the training methods. Unless you want to squash your dog's personality, I would avoid a trainer that uses force (because we don't want the dog to be afraid at all!) and try to use one that has a negative/positive reward system, or NILIF (nothing in life is fair - it teaches a dog that you'll ignore him/her when he/she does something bad, but praise him/her when they do something good).

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